“I once saw a forklift lift a crate of forks and it was way to literal for me" Mitch

Remember how psyched I was about school? It lasted approximately 2 days. This semester is busy as though someone designed it to ensure this is the last degree I’ll get (b/c part of me was actually toying with a PhD but me thinks not anymore) Despite the busy-ness my 101 in 1001 is moving along! Who knew? Yay!

21 thoughts on ““I once saw a forklift lift a crate of forks and it was way to literal for me" Mitch”

  1. My last semester was crazy busy, so I’m burned out this semester. I’ve already mentally checked out of law school and havent done ANY reading for any of my classes this semester. It feels…liberating. I have worked for my Trial Practice class however, and realized how much I love arguing in a courtroom.


  2. Tee, yes but I will be glad when law school is finally over!!! 🙂

    Jane, I’m glad you enjoy the Mitch quotes. He’s fabulous. And yes the bloom is off but this too shall pass 🙂

    Maleeha, I’m tkaing Trial Practice… it is so time consuming here. Is yours? We have to do MSJ’s and all the rest of it… and I ALSO have not been doing my readings. I actually have not bought the texts for three of my six classes because I just have no intention to read. I think it will be okay because they are paper classes with al ot of supplemental readings handed out in class. But it is liberating 🙂


  3. Of all the things I would expect no.41 to be really hard.. I never got through 20 minutes of Lord of the Rings I let along ALL of them…

    Swim with dolphins? Ok…

    No. 74…hmmm

    Add “see a glacier” on your list… amazing.. breath taking.. I have Discovery channel..

    Anyways, congratulations on your near finish of schooling.


  4. MEZBA!! I actually am switching the “Swim with dolphins” to “glaciers” I b/c dont want to swim with the dolphins anymore. That is freaky. It’s like you’re in my head! Which park did you go to to see glaciers? We were thinking of Glacier Nat’l Park in Montana.


  5. MSJ’s? I’m not familiar with that term. Well, so far its not so bad. We have reading, which I skim, and we have to prepare some part of a trial to present in a (Saturday morning!) class setting. At the end of the semester, we will participate in a mock trial. We’re using materials from NITA (Nat’l Inst. of Trial Adv.) to argue one side of the case or another (I’ve been assigned the plaintiff’s side). So far we’ve done direct examination. This weekend will be cross, then opening args, closing args, etc. until the actual trial. Its great fun 🙂


  6. This always happens to me. I get a little bored for part of my break, and I think about how great school is, always keeping me busy and making me feel useful. School starts, and two days later, I forget all about those thoughts. They don’t return until the next break (about six months later).



  7. I would definitly skip the dolphin thing. Did you see the show called Dolphin Attack or something? LOL. That freaked me out. They are really dangerous (and very agressive in ahem *certain* ways. They often try to mate with humans.)

    Besides, have you seen that Simpson’s episode? ROFLMAO.


  8. Maleeha, sorry, MSJ: Motion for Summary Judgment. Do you guys have to do any of that for Trial Practices? Like write Interrogatories and Complaints etc or do you just focus on trial techniques in particular? I wish we were doing the latter but a lot of our time is taken up in writing motions which I hate. I’m glad you’re passionate about litigating! I’m not sure how I will feel about it! 😦

    Mommyblogr, MAY- I graduate in MAY! 🙂 Not that I’m counting, lol :0)

    Baji, thanks 🙂 I dont knwo if I do live life to the fullest or not but I do try 🙂

    Rasha, I’m glad I’m not alone! lol. I remember when Iw asn’t in school looking at the students in the bookstores poring over textbooks and taking copious notes with slight envy at how stuidious and productive they were beign and how much they were learning. Now I am so jealous of the people that wander in browsing at magazines and drinking coffee 🙂 I guess I have a grass is greener on the otehr side syndrome!:)

    Rehtwo, I hope you won’t eat yoru words but yeah, i’m eating mine 🙂

    Tee, wow. no I havent seen dolphin attack, lol, but the reason I dont want to do it is because i saw a program where they showed hwo mistreated the dolphins are at tehse dolphin parks. I felt so bad for them…. Tehre is a place in Orlando called Dolphin Cove which is where I hoped to swim with the dolphins but I dont want to support practices like that. I will check out the youtube when I get home! Thanks for the link, lol 🙂


  9. Ah, I get it. I did some of that in a mini-course I took earlier. This one is more about technique and is a lot more fun. Ofcourse, I say its fun now when a lot of the research and background is done for us. In a real case, I’m not sure how passionate I would be about litigation when there’s SO much preparation that needs to go into it.


  10. I think it would have been nice to get all that over with early on! Hmm well I guess once you become partner somehere insh’allah you can find peple to do allthe research and background for you, so look at what you have to look forward to! 😉


  11. haha, yea lets see what the future holds. what i do know for sure is that we’re both going to graduate together in May, inshaAllah 🙂 (May 5th for me). we should have some sort of a joint-blog-graduation-party!


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