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Three (or five) beautiful things Thursday***

I got this from Huda who got this from Yasmine and Hijab Man. They write three beautiful things about life each Thursday. I don’t know how regular I’ll be, but today felt like a nice day to remember beautiful things.

1. School started Tuesday. Now you’re wondering, why is this under three beautiful things? Well y’all it’s my last semester! (Now you’re thinking, does this mean we don’t have to hear Aisha’s law school gripes anymore? This is a beautiful thing! Maybe we will include this nugget in our three beautiful things Thursday) (Though admittedly you might be thinking: Why is she trying to predict what we’re thinking, it’s so obnoxious) I can’t believe law school is almost over, when it began I thought it would never end. I remember how stressed I was, how stupid I felt, and how disheartened and depressed I was particularly during my first year of law school when I taught full time and went to school four nights a week. I think I almost forgot how to smile that year. And now? I’m almost done. Wow.

2. I have rockin classes. Litigation (I hope its fun), Professional Responsibility, International Human Rights, Constitutional Law Seminar, Con Law II, and a child advocacy clinic. These are the types of classes I came to law school for so I’m happy.

3. I lost my keys at school. I retraced my steps visited lost and found, nothing! I called Kashif who had lengthy meetings today but promised to come ASAP. In the process I sat down with some friends (hi Cylinda!), took a deep breath, and make myself respond not react to the situation. It was then I realized a place I overlooked, went there, and found them! If I’d panicked I wouldn’t have thought to look there. So the beautiful thing here was patience and actually practicing it.

4. Gourmet Coffee is delicious and drinking it at your favorite coffee shop while you listen to nice music and prepare to do a little studying makes the day 100 times better. It also makes Aisha a 100 times more hyper which is why this post may seem a little off the wall. Does the caffeine jiterryness translate to the screen???

****5. And how could I forget to mention that the GATORS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS IN FOOTBALL!!!!!! (Oh and we’re national champs in basketball too, hee!) I was there when we were at a low point. When we LOST AT THE SWAMP to FSU! I remember the deafening silence on campus. The shame permeating. So it felt unbelievably beautiful to see them not only win but destroy Ohio State considering they were picked as the easy losers. What a great moment. It’s almost enough to make me care about sports. Almost. (I only wish our gator didn’t look quite so mean… chin up, we won remember? a smile wouldn’t kill you!)

17 thoughts on “Three (or five) beautiful things Thursday***”

  1. Rasha I think it adds up to 17 hours? I’ve had to do that each semester since I became full-time in order to graduate in three years 😦

    Suroor, thanks :0)

    Mystic-soul: lol. Whoops! 🙂


  2. 1.) Congratulations!!!!!

    2.) Your classes sound wonderful, but then again Im sure you would make Watching Paint Dry 101 sound amazing too!

    3.) My mother said to me, “Use the phrase ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji’un’ regarding a lost item sometimes helps you find it.’ Literal translation being: it was His and to Him it was returned. My personal thought: reciting Quran helps calm down your thoughts allowing yuo to freely remember where the misplaced item might be. 🙂

    4.) Whats in a $7 cup of coffee that at any other price does NOT taste as good? Ok thats a Farahspeare original, but I concur girlie — gourmet is the way!

    5.) Dont know bout the Gators but my Eagles are in the playoffs and tomorrows game has got my stomach in knots!


  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Aisha! I never post “three beautiful things” regularly either, but I hope you’ll enjoy continuing with the effort. It’s a fun idea that’s not time-consuming, and it also gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. How could one go wrong with that? =)

    I didn’t know you’re so close to being done with law suckool. Congratulations, buddy! Sounds like you’ve had to work super hard to get to where you are, and it must be so nice to see the end almost in sight.

    Oh, and #5 pretty much showcased your hyperactivity from the gourmet coffee. =)


  4. I’ll chose to overlook your sad allegiance to gators, heh. Let’s not forget who went undefeated the entire season, go Bucks 😉

    (seriously, I don’t care, and since I *am* in gator country – congrats to ya ;-))


  5. Three beautiful things, what a great idea! I will try to do the same. Perhaps this can help overcome some of the negatives that life seems to provide in such abundance. Everyone could use a little more of the positive.


  6. Rasha yes its not fun at all 😦

    Maliha 🙂 thanks!

    Khonika, if you do let me know!

    Brown Girl, well this gourmet is not 7 per cup at all. its cheaper than starbucks. its a mom and pop local coffee shop so their prices are reasonable 🙂 Good luck w/ the Eagles 🙂

    Yasmine thanks! 🙂 I did have to work harder than I should have or needed to by going part-time. It was very difficult and I would never do that again… BTW when are you upating your site again sis??

    Muslim-Wife, I dont mind if you hate them, UGA fans always give me glares anyways, plus Kashif hates the gators too so I live in a home with a hater 😉

    Wil, I agree. Alo I’m signing that petition you raise my awareness to. Thank you for pointing me to it!!!


  7. Aisha,
    I have been reading the archives, masha’Allah you’re a wonderful writer:-)
    I went thru this blog, the author is an Arab basically, and staying in NYC. Reading her blog made my heart wrench, can’t believe there women like her in the ummah:(
    When I first landed here, I thought you might be of the same breed..:D But I am really glad to understand that you’re not, Alhamdulillah. I really appreciate your studying law. May Allah help you in all your endeavors.Amen.
    Just one question, sorry, if it offends you, but why don’t you observe the hijab? It’s an obligation and not a matter of choice.
    Hope you don’t mind me being frank.


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