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Evidence was exhausting but its done. Papers still piling and one more exam to go, but I need a break. It’s been a while since I posted links and articles of interest. Thoughts?

US Air wants Delta: I love Delta. I despise US Air. Even if they had $50 fares to Fiji I wouldn’t fly with them again. If US Air buys Delta then the creepy crawlies might have their way with Delta. DONT SUCCUMB TO THE DARK SIDE DELTA!

Secret Letters from Iraq: Huda linked this a while ago, its a powerful letter from a US soldier about his experiences. A snippet: The Most Profound Man in Iraq: an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines if he’d seen any foreign fighters in the area replied “Yes, you.”

An experiment on bigotry: A radio host exposes the bigotry lying not so quietly beneath the surface. The radio hosts advocated Muslims be treated the way Jews were right before the halocaust and recieved an influx of enthusiastic calls. Chilling. ** Courtesy of baby brother: Link with audio here.

Hot House Flowers, a kid’s book by a Judge on the ills of illegal immigration
. Maybe I did one too many SAT analogies in highschool but his analogy is bad. The moral of the story is that the pretty flowers should demand the dandelions be plucked and destroyed. Whatever your views on illegal immigration, the book is kinda icky.

Keith Ellison gets heat for wanting to swear to the Quran?
If others can use the Bible for their photo op, why can’t he use the Quran? What saddens me is when I googled this issue I found articles titled “Ellison’s loyalty questioned” and other articles in respected newspapers and magazines implying he’s a threat to the nation. I’m not linking those because I do not want to promote them. But its sad.

Wanting babies like themselves, some parents choose genetic defects Some are going this route to ensure having a child with a disability. The article focuses on the parent’s perspective about wanting their children to be like them, but what about the best interest of the child? It reminded me of Jurrasic Park: your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. Do you have a different perspective? Maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture.

Pro-Anorexia website? I saw an episode on Boston Legal where they talked about this but seeing the website and entries… I felt horrified. Girls asking for support to fast for five days to reach goal weights of 90 pounds. Their argument is anorexia is a lifestyle that should be respected. So should coke habits be supported as an alternative lifestyle? But so many of these girls are so young, like 15. They share advice on how to fool their parents into thinking they’re not anorexic. I dont know.

Spite Club: Fighting with your Wife.
I love MSN for having a “mens corner” where they advise men on various topics including how to deal with marital conflicts. Its adorable and true and the advice could be heeded by both genders.

4 thoughts on “The world in which we live”

  1. Great linkage…. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the one about birth defects. As a parent, I want everything for my son that I don’t have and don’t want him to struggle in any ways that i ever have.


  2. I read some of these news and actually all these news make me so sick that now I just glance headlines. Ignorance seems blessing.BTW US Air is the worst airline I ever flew. Should be banned. Never on time for sure is their trademark.


  3. I hadn’t heard about the radio host. It is very scary. I read an article yesterday about racism. The article was funny (not ha-ha funny), in that a large percentage of people say they know someone who is racist. Then a very low percentage will admit to BEING racist.Hot House Flowers? Who in the world would find this to be an appropriate book for even adults – and it’s for children??!Genetic defects – Excellent Jurassic Park quote.Pro-Anorexia sites – I’ll have to admit to having visited some of these “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” (bulimea) sites. It’s called getting “Thinspiration” (inspiration to be thin). It’s sick in the head, which I am when it comes to weight. But these sites shouldn’t exist and I shouldn’t visit them. It makes me sad that teenagers have so much support to basically kill themselves slowly.


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