Hajj Questions

Are you, or someone you know going to Hajj? Do they have a visa? By which I mean the travel agency said “yep you got a visa” NOT do they have physical possession of the visa. Have you or someone you know been denied a visa? Does anyone know what it means if your agency isnt on the approved travel agency list for the Saudi Embassy? Our agency isn’t but they take people each year. Insight appreciated.

15 thoughts on “Hajj Questions”

  1. My friend’s dad and some other family members were supposed to go with a group of 50 some people. All of them cannot go becasue they didn’t get thier visas. Apparently it is common to not get your visa untill the last second… and i think they may limit the # of visa’s that they issue because it can get very dangerous… people get trampled etc.This is all though the grapevine though.


  2. Tee 🙂 lol yes… Amira thanks for the insight, I think most people who talk about getting last minute visas are referring to getting actual physical posession of their visas not the actual approval. Many times Hajj agencies will delay sending out the visas once they get them from the embassy often sending it the week of departure. In my case the embassy has not even approved it…. And yeah I heard they ere going to increase the amount of visas given but then they had to decrease last minute due to construction leaving 6000 visas in limbo. I’m frustrated because we put in our name well before extra applicants came into the pool…. thank you so much…. do you know what agency they are ith the 50 people? In my group its 230 people still waiting to hear… 200 already got them.


  3. I just checked out the link for the approved agencies and can’t believe that scammer NY agency “Dar el Salaam” is still on it! They had so many complaints last year and left people to fend for themselves in the desert at one point. Don’t touch them with the ten foot pole!


  4. yeah my cousin in Dubai is going this year ISAshe just got the visa elhamdAllah do you want me to ask her for someting ? InshaaAllah if you are planning to go, you will, just keep in praying inshaaAllah, you will.


  5. Chic, i recall your frustration with a hajj agency, i’m surprised its the one you named because I heard that was the “top notch” one…. I feel like all of them have issues from what I hear 😦 I find that sad.Amira thanks for the offer! Its okay. I was just curious. Roora thanks so much for your offer, appreciate it!! 🙂 No its okay, I’m trying to figure out the US visa situation I guess but as far as what to do, we know people going and those whoe’ve gone that coul advise it. It seems everyone we know except for US know what is going on. That makes it quite frustrating because no one is in our shoes which is good for them but it would be nice to get in touch with others wondering lke me to help figure out what to do.


  6. “Are you, or someone you know going to Hajj?” sounds a lot like “have you or someone you loved been in a car accident? If so call Borgen Morgan and Bum. We are lawyers working for you!


  7. I’d heard from Kashif Fri that you guys were still waiting. I really hope things work out for you guys this year. My dealings with the travel agencies have been less than confidence-inspiring.


  8. Adnan… yeah I don’t know what to make of it. Its very upsetting because they are still not giving us an answer and are behaving increasingly “shady”….. 😦 Oh well….. insh’allah.Baji. Well, that was the plan… the odds are going down on it working out.


  9. Sorry…don’t know anyone who’s had a problem. I wish you all the best….you’ll go if it’s meant to happen (and I hope you do get to go for Hajj, Insha’allah).


  10. My visa application was denied twice without explanation. Probably something about being a young Muslima convert with no Muslim mahram.But I’ve found two groups that have no problems getting visas for sisters without a mahram.


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