I’d hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat- Mitch Hedberg

I’m trying to follow Mitch’s lead and retain perspective as stress levels rise bringing all the accompanying symptoms. (I know, my stress is nothing compared to others: 1, 2. 3. perspective is key) Current stressors: Exams, bar apps, Thanksgiving weekend and underlying it all- dream job anxiety. When the phone rings, even at 9pm, I wonder: Is it them? (Lawyers work late hours, so it could be right?) I know if its meant to be, it will but- I really want it to be. Looking through my archives I came across this where I talked about what kept me going during a tough teaching year. Its what dream job would let me do. Proof that I wasn’t bluffing when I told the interviewers that this is something I’ve always wanted. Is there anything nerdier than having “job angst”? I am a broken hearted teenager staring at the phone wondering if Bobby will call and ask me to be his date for homecoming. (Except I never was a broken hearted teenager waiting for Bobby to ask me to homecoming) Still- it could be worse, I could be a giraffe- with a sore throat.

8 thoughts on “I’d hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat- Mitch Hedberg”

  1. Aisha,This is part of why i love your blog – i can relate to you sooooooooooo much. I guess the stress (and accompanying symptoms) go with the typical law student personality. I’ve had job anxiety before too (and jumped at every ring of the phone) but the jobs were just for the summer, and they weren’t really dream jobs either, so I can only imagine how you feel. Anyways, Inshallah everything will work out well. Hang in there! And keep your faith in Allah. Whatever happens will be for the best.– Rasha


  2. Aisha !!I clicked on all 3 links you put for comparing perspective and it was sad. How bless we are. Just keep trust that we all are praying and ‘allah mian’ can’t be that cruel…Is it a big party?


  3. I can sympathize with you over the stress. I went to all three of your links and yes, there are worse things in the world than what we are going through. However that does not nullify what you are feeling. Perspective is good but it doesn’t invalidate your feelings either. Hope you get through this rough patch quickly. Best wishes.


  4. Rasha. aww I’m glad you can relate! It helps *me* know that I am not alone 🙂 Miserly loves company right? lol. Today just as I was talking myself down to a better state of mind, saying “Aisha- if they dont pick you its fine. It’d be a depressing thing to work with sick children all the time. I’d be stressed.. i’d be…” and then in midsentence I get a call from Equal Justice asking me for an alternate contact for a reference I provided! I asked them “does this mean I got it???” And she was like “possibly but we dont know yet” AUGHR And my reference told me they simply said they check “many people and it does not necessarily mean anything” SOO much for me not being a spazz about it :)At least i tried 🙂Mystic, insh’allah this will work out. But though i’ll be broken hearted if I dont get it, I know there was ar eason… I just may never know. And yes Mystic.. quite a big party.Jane, thanks for reminding me of that. I know that just b/c others are having issues doesnt mean Im not. Infact feeling guilty for feeling bad makes it worse for me! Because Im still feeling sad, but then also feeling guilty. Its a conundrum. I think I have perspective on how bad my stress is… but the stress still rears its lovely head. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂


  5. Or even worse than a giraffe with a sore throat – a mother with pneumonia. 😉Go read the poem on my blog today. It’ll make you feel good.Love ya. Happy Thanksgiving.


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