On a brighter note….

I normally see a movie in the theatres only once every six months but these last two weeks I saw two opening night movies (Borat and Babel, reviewed here and here). I guess I prefer curling up on the couch with my throw and a cup of chai being able to RR, FF, pause. Though I had a good time I had a few “irk” moments, so thought I’d share a list of my top five do’s and don’t for movie goers:

stick your feet to rest on the seat ahead of you if someone will then have to sit next to your dangling stinky feet for the length of the movie.

Don’t continuously poke the seat in front of you with your feet if someone is there. If you are incredibly long legged- good for you. Sit in the front row.

Don’t think that just because you are standing to the side of the theatre chatting on the phone while the movie is playing that we can’t hear you. Leave the theatre.

Don’t ask me to buy your movie ticket because you’re sixteen and thus underage. The teacher in me will not permit you to watch Borat no matter how much you plead.

Do card me. That was fun:

can I see your license”
Me: huh? why?
Sandy: I need to see how old you are
Me: Is there an age limit?
Sandy: *examining id* yes there is
Me: You’re kidding me!? Am I too old?
Sandy: *speaking slowly* no… its a rated R movie… I’m making sure you are of age.


12 thoughts on “On a brighter note….”

  1. lol it is funny to see a seen between two semi-naked men causes the movie to go down in your review’s rating, while I am confident a scene between two semi-naked women will cause to go up in any guy’s book……one question though, was babel boring? Like is it like Syrianna? Good, has a message but long and boring? Or was it like Crash? Good AND interesting?


  2. It’s hard to believe people are so inconsiderate. I wonder if they don’t know better or just don’t care. We don’t go out to the movies hardly ever and we don’t rent often either. LOL. For some reason we get excited about renting and then once we get it home we don’t feel like sitting through a movie. Then we end up returning it unwatched. (And that’s if we even found something we agreed on to rent.)I went over and read your reviews of Babel and Borat… Babel sounds like something I’d enjoy, but my husband would be bored to tears – at least until the frontal nudity part – then he might pay attention. LOL. It’s a shame when they have to “ruin” a film by putting in unnecessary things like that.I’ve seen Sasha Baron Cohen (“Borat”) interviewed on the Today show, etc. He’s a good actor, funny, and it’s cool how he stays in character, but it makes me sad that the people of Kazakhstan are really offended. It’s too bad Cohen couldn’t have come up with a fictional country for his fictional character.I used to love comedy which pokes fun at race. Earlier this year I found Carlos Mencia hilarious, but lately it doesn’t seem as funny. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t think I’m becomming more “PC” for the sake of not offending people. I’ve just given it a lot of thought and it seems the laugh isn’t worth it if it sincerely hurts people’s feelings. Knowing people take it to heart (whether I think they should lighten up or not), makes it not so funny to me.


  3. Rasha, Huda, Muslim Wife, yeah it was one of those moments, lol. That lady must have remembered me! πŸ™‚Mezba. No, not semi naked. They were naked. Totally. utterly. naked. If you liked Crash you will love Babel. Kashif said it had a Syriana feel but he loved Syriana. I thought Syriana was boring (wow it feels good to let that out, phew, everyone just raves about it… I mean it has an important message but…yawn?). I thought this movie was just as good as Crash but this movie tried to more realistic than Crash which is good and bad. I liked the mythological/legend sort of feel that Crash had. But at any rate, yes very interesting movie and it really makes you think. If you watch it please let me know what you thought of it!Tee, wow i could write a novel on this topic!!!! I think you will LOVE babel. it seems to me to be the type of movie you would really find meaningful on so many levels particularly b/c so many of our conversations are about the very topic of the “sameness” within us all. This movie explores that. It shows the difference in perception and how if you put yourself in the others shoes maybe you might understand. It wont make life easier to understand because its harder to accept a life where things are just not clearly defined… but it is closer to reality though. I also feel bad about the people of Kazakhastan. At first it didnt seem like a big deal until I overheard two guys laughing about the film and I heard one say to the other “haha the kazakhs are so pissed but whey’d they let him film there in the first place” OK. The movie was not filmed in Kazakhastan, it was filmed in Hungary for those scenes. So the attitude people have is a bit scary. And yes he could have picked a fictional country. It is not right when a country is already struggling as it is, has to endure humiliation as well. I heard though that many of the people are suing. The villagers filmed in Hungary said they were only given 3 dollars for their time and told it was going to be a documentary about the conditions of their life and poverty. I dont know if thats true or not, but it feels like they did exploit a bit to make this film. BUT all that aside it was funny. He didnt so much make fun of people as much as he brought out the stupidity within us all. I think Ive always been sensetive to racial jokes for that reason because I’ve seen how it can hurt. I have laughed along to my share of Apu jokes (simpson guy) and the kwiki mart references that are told in good fun… but inside it bothers me…. its just not polite to let soemone know so i dont. I think there are some aspects we can tease about each other but I think there is a line. And its a fine line and not everyone knows when they crossed it. I think taking ourselves lightly is important…. but there are somethings that can go to far.Long enough for you?? πŸ™‚


  4. I so agree with you about all the racket people make in a movie theatre, and am half inclined to go out and buy these:http://www.glarkware.com/securestore/c181844p16288268.2.html Your reaction on getting carded was too funny! I guess now you can totally relate to all the 30-something women who love getting carded at bars and clubs. Looking young is great isn’t it?But on a sidenote, I was wondering if your looks came up when you were teaching? One of my friends just started teaching and she looks like she’s 15-16. The initial reaction of the parents to her was so negative, she was really discouraged by it. Some of the parents told her upfront she looked too young and that they knew their kids would not respect or listen to her because she didn’t look “old” enough. The kids were 2nd grade, so they weren’t bad-she looked “old” to them, it was the parents that were the worse she said. My heart goes out to ALL teachers who work so hard to help kids, but then are disrespected by idiotic parents.


  5. Mystic, I never had icky dorito and nacho filled seats! YUCK!!! 😦Pyari. Well I used to teach second grade. My first year I was 21 and I remember a few parents were nervous about me and asked me my credentials etc but they grew to appreciate and respect me. They were by far my favorite group of parents ever… Also, I dont look 15 or 16. I have pictures on this site somewhere so you could decide for yourself πŸ™‚ This is why I was so shocked that she carded me. Because no one ever had even when I WAS underage. LOL πŸ™‚


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