Exceedingly deep thoughts

“How can I lose faith in the justice of life, when the dreams of those who sleep upon feathers are not more beautiful than the dreams of those who sleep upon the earth?”- Khalil Gibran

“How can I lose faith in the justice of life, when the traffic jams of those who drive Hummers are just the same as those who drive Honda Accords?”- Aisha Iqbal

As my camera phone proves, traffic jams see not race, nor color, nor wealth- to it we are all the same: stuck. They are the great equalizer.

21 thoughts on “Exceedingly deep thoughts”

  1. oh and incase its not obvious, the “exceedingly deep thoughts” title is meant to just be self deprecating. Please no hate mail on how my thoughts were not deep at all!


  2. Well Mia I wish I could use the subway and buses but the ATL is not built to make it easy. I tried. Oh man did I try. But the nearest tranist is 20 miles from my house and getting there requirse the traffic you see on the left! πŸ™‚


  3. hmm, not sure i agree. not everyone can participate in traffic jams. what about the carless? and in cali, they have carpool lanes for those elitists who have friends. what about the lonely? πŸ˜€


  4. Tee, thanks πŸ™‚Shabs. lol. Well. All I mean is that of the people who do have cars who are on the highway (because there are a lot of sweet country clubs up where I live and I know a few who commut down from them) for those people the highway equalizes πŸ™‚ And our carpool lane is almost alawys jammed too. So friends wll be of no aval to you on the ATL hwy! πŸ™‚


  5. I loved both these quotes. The one gives me reson to reflect and give thanks, the second gave me a laugh and more reason to reflect. I don’t see that one has more validity than the other, quite the opposite. As for you, mass transit is not an option for me. I travel too much to remote locations as part of my work, and frankly, standing outside for 30 minutes waiting for a bus when it’s -40 C is no picnic unless your an Innu, which I am not. Once again I have enjoyed your post immensely and will chack back as often as I am able. My next location may make this much more difficult as I am travelling to the far North for my next contract. But I will try.


  6. You did very well on your quote. It made me laugh, especailly after checking out that picture. WOW! You had to sit in that mess?It’s all so true. No matter who you are, there you sit! Ugh!!


  7. William yes, despite the desire to conserve energy, bad weather and other issues just make transit very unlikely. Good luck on your contract up north. Its getting chilly!!Mommyblogr, that is my commute EVERY single day. No exxageration. That was me approaching the jam, normally I’m way closer to the car ahead of me. Its almost literally bumper to bumper. It stinks!!!!! 😦


  8. you are witty! Nope, I still think it’s an exceedingly deep thought. However, if you have a two wheeler (motorbike), you could get a LOT ahead of so many others. Maybe, there is justice for small things! Good things come in small packages… lol


  9. Anon, I am quite far. 45-50 miles or so 😦Mystic, motorcycles are scary! Kashif wanted one I said no!!Sabrina, welcome to theblog! aww thanks lol πŸ™‚ Yeah no motorcycles for me though it is tempting.Mezba… yes this was a rarity. the thinking peacefully in a traffic jam. but you do get used to them….


  10. You know, for some reason, Murphy’s law always conspires against me in traffic jams. Whenever I am in a hurry to go somewhere, I find myself in a “loooong” wait before the traffic jam shows signs of remotely being cleared any time soon; I find almost all signals turning red at the last milisecond just at the time I am most eager to escape the traffic rush at the evening. And during a traffic jam, all I can think is of how I wish our car could fly in the air to avoid the traffic. And today, I have a dentist appointment; you just wait and watch–I am going to be stuck in great traffic because I have a wish to reach my dorm early so that I can complete a paper for a class that is due tomorrow, which I Have not even started. (Sighs.) Life! (Snorts.) Traffic jams, I abhor you!


  11. Ek Umeed that sucks, but yes Murphy’s Law definetly works that. for this reason I always lave extra extra early on important days πŸ™‚ Where do yu live where traffic gets so bad? LA?Jane, I’m glad I could oblige πŸ™‚


  12. That is so true. But now, it doesn’t mean he is waiting for an air pickup in the middle of the road πŸ˜‰ Choppers can come to pick him and take him to his destination too right πŸ˜›


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