why children are funner to teach

A student brought in her toddler (let’s call him Bob… Jr.) to class today. His enthusiasm for the material, when compared to ours was a bit.. more..

Professor: Evidence of the beliefs or opinions of a witness on matters of religion is not admissible for the purpose of showing that by reason of their nature the witness’ credibility is impaired or enhanced.
Us: *silence*
Bob Jr.: ooooooooooooh!!!!

Professor: Do we ever forget the importance of Rule 403 as we analyze other rules?
Us: *crickets*
Bob Jr: *standing on chair* NO! NO! NO! (he was right)

And so on, and so forth for approximately four hours… Kids, bless their hearts, they’re even excited about Evidence.

8 thoughts on “why children are funner to teach”

  1. That’s soooooooo cute!! Aren’t they just adorable! It’s true how they say kids say the ‘darndest things!’By the way, congrats on the dream job interview!! Wish you the very best of luck! (Insha’allah, you’ll do well!!)


  2. hahaha. It was cute the first few times. Then it got old. I mean a two year old has no business being in a classroom for four hours. Its not fair to him. Plus its Halloween!! Thanks for the well wishes Enyur ๐Ÿ™‚ Insh’allah!!!!!!


  3. Say what, definitey more excited to learn! ๐Ÿ™‚Anon- hmmm there are about ten peope I know who could’ve written that..Z- if you are reading this- re the cake that you, you know, destroyed and all, yeah *maybe* I had *some* part on it. But vatever because it was still yummy. Tums up! I have concusivey decided our group are all sugar addicts.


  4. I BET the prof was happy! I feel sorry soemtimes for the profs who want to get the class to interact with them, but the studetns (including me) are too lazy to give answers.I wish we had a kid liked that who answered quesitons that way we wouldnt’ have to sit in class for an hour longer because the prof won’t keep going until someone answers his questions…The second reply the child gave is hilarious. I know I would’ve been on the floor an din tears if he was in my class! lol


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