Of Pumpkins and Memes

I’m sick. Flu sick. Why? Because it is one of those weeks, that’s why. Luckily (sort of) it hit today so I was able to have a good weekend filled with studying at a fabulous coffee shop right by the house! Being as I live in the ‘burbs and there’s nothing semi-youthful within a 20 mile radius, this discovery is most delightful. Studying is just funner when it involves Brasilian coffee and good music. The fruitful studying let me have a guilt free fun time at Zainab and Aasem’s fabulous pumpkin carving party. And people, you can call my pumpkin carving techniques retarded all you want, its special, and y’all were simply envious. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Mines the one in the middle. But there were more pumpkins. Many, many more.

Sohnii tagged me! A perfect thing to cheer me up before I zonk out in 3 .. 2...

Height: 5’5’ish (but it doesn’t change on a daily basis?)
Color: Can you tell this is a desi tag? See here for my answer.
Piercing: earrings (sans nose ring due to job hunting. Despite the drama, I miss it.)
Tattoos: No, despite someone in Rio who tried to PEER PRESSURE ME. Are you reading peer pressure-er? πŸ˜‰ kidding kidding!

Right Now
Time: 11:56 pm
Mood: Tired, pouting.
Taste: Orange Juice
Weather: Gorgeous starry night.
Bad habit: none. duh! Seriously, where do I begin? stressing too much.
Thing I want to do: travel, write, and drink coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

TV show: UGLY BETTY. You can see full episodes online- free!
Book: Lots and lots like here.
Non alcoholic drink: um.. normally tea, but lately, coffee.
Brand: Express. Is that a brand? Ugly Betty’s coworkers probably snickering.
Perfume: Jadore for me. Hugo Boss for him.
Designer: Coach?

Have a job: Graduate Research Assistant.
My CD player has what in it right now: Talib Kweli. Thanks Humera! You saved me a trip to bestbuy where the sales associate invariably looks at me like I have lost my mind when I ask for similar albums. Why can’t I enjoy a good beat and great lyrics?
What makes me happy: Coffee, hot chocolate, spring time, pumpkin carving, smiling loved ones, Bendel candles, good music, good friends, alhamdullilah, many things!

When/What Was the Last
I got a real letter: Dunno. That is sad.
Got an email: Christina with some great Hajj advice. I’m about zonk out Chris, will email you tomorrow though. Thank you!
Thing I purchased: A cake. That Zainab destroyed. Sniff.
TV program I watched: Desperate Housewives. Though I hate it now.
Movie I saw in the theaters: Devil wears Prada. It’s been a while! I dont like seeing movies in the theatre though. I prefer sitting on my couch, with a throw and some tea.
Hugged: Kashif. He is good to get sick around.
Place I was: Living Room. Havent moved much today. Like a slug.
Song heard: Soul Rebels. Okay, even I had to laugh.
Phone call: My brother. Love you kiddo.

I Tag
Anyone who wants to do it. Let me know if you do.


good night! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Of Pumpkins and Memes”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a meme that asked for color. ROFL.You know I also LOVE Ugly Betty – but I’m not thrilled that Salma Hayek (the producer), will be guest starring in this week’s episode. The whole idea of the show is to go against the fashion industry and society’s ideals of women, etc…. And then in the preview I see Salma flaunting her boobs…. Not happy about it.LOL @ “Are you reading peer presure-er?” That was funny. (I don’t have a tattoo either. I’ve been tempted a few times though.)And a pumpkin carving party?! Gosh – you get to have so much fun!


  2. *sigh* if only i werent so clumsy (and if the cake had been in a SECURE part of the fridge) you wouldnt be sad πŸ˜› remind me to tell you what the trick-or-treater said about your pumpkin…. have a good one!!


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