Meeting the Lady Caliphs

Blogging can pay…. me! Special thanks to Rabia for referring me to the editor for Muslim Girls Magazine who launch their way cool magazine soon. It was amazing to interview these special young ladies and their coach. More importantly it reminded me of how much I love writing. If you’re thinking of an eid gift for the young lady in your life please consider subscribing. Mags like this need our support. This ESPN piece shares a bit of what they’re about.

10 thoughts on “Meeting the Lady Caliphs”

  1. That is just so cool. I’m hardly a Muslim woman but I would read it just to get the chance to read more of your stuff. Congrats, I hope it works out really great for you. You’ve got my vote!


  2. High five girl! I just got tapped to write for some new magazine too! I’ve got a meeting with the CEO next week and then I’ll let him know if I want the job. Meet me out in the back and we shall do the “we be the bomb diggity dance”…lol


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