Of falling dishwashers

The dishwasher. fell. on me.

I opened it to take out the clean dishes.

I crouched to pull out the fork basket.

And it (by which I mean the entire dishwasher) leaned over. and fell. on me.

Between squirrels in the attic. Leaning mailboxes. Falling dishwashers…

This homeowner is exhausted.

17 thoughts on “Of falling dishwashers”

  1. Ahhh, the fun of homeownership! Over the last fifteen years of homeownership I have been forced to become an expert in pretty much every aspect of house construction. If I had only known at the time of purchase what I know now. This despite the fact that we had had it inspected and aquired a written report on the place. My only consulation is the fact that I have since heard worse horror stories. My wife is putting the place up for sale follwing our ” Take a Break Period” began so once I complete the latest round of renovations I will finally be finished with this place once and for all. I hope tat your future experiences go better than ours and I also hope that you don’t suffer any further incidents that result or may result in your getting hurt. I hope that your alright and look forward to your next post.


  2. Rehtwo, thanks fo your concern, I am okay 🙂 I noticed it falling and was able to put out my hands and push it in.Mezba, Its like a normal dish washer. On the ground. But the front screws fell out which seem to keep it from tilting over when you open the bottom rack and it leans a little.William, we also had a home owner inspection report but still had minor issues. I don tthink a mailbox leaning or attick critters could be avoided. Its part of being a home owner. Howeve,r despite our inspector assurig us the integrity of our house there are things that were obhvoiusly wrong that he missed which I find disappointing since you pay the money to get assured all is well. I hear a drip of the pipe when we shower an I cant help but worry… I guess its part of being a homewoner. When you sell do you plan to buy again? I sort of miss renting.Koonj, well, homeowning is a lot of worry and responsibility that you dont have as a renter. Its constant worry about something or other particulaly with a house that’s not brand new! In some ways I miss renting 😦 Each has hits pros and cons


  3. I never imagined a dishwasher could fall on anyone. LOL. The things you learn about appliances as a homeowner, huh?I have to say though – count yourself lucky. These problems are minor in comparison to what CAN go wrong. Flooding with no flood insurance. Fire. Termites. Raw sewage in the basement… These are words that strike fear in the heart of a homeowner!When I think about those things it makes me almost thankful that my latest homeowner crisis was a broken clothes washer.Glad you’re OK!


  4. Ouch! hope ure ok! :/ lol, home owner worries huh? lol, its really funny but all this stuff is usual around here, since there is no insurance for anything and no people to check up on stuff. One time my dad opened the fridge door and it fell on the floor with its racks and all. Lol, it was really funny. Mum didnt say anything since she had been wanting a new one for quite a while. Dad got her a new fridge in 2 days. lol, all is well that ends well, right?Get that dishwasher looked at before it does some actual damage.


  5. Aragorn, Mystic, I am okay thanks 🙂 Just a scratch or two, nothing too bad.Aragorn, lol @ the hidden meaning. When I read it… I find that perhaps there is some hidden meaning… I only saw it once you hinted at it. thanks for pointing it out:)Tee yes I’m def lucky. We mostly have minor issues but they are all building to the point of exhaustion!!! Do you have a 2 sotry house? I hear a drip drip when we shower but not sure if thats normal or if thers’ a leak. SIGH.Sohnii well there is insurance Alhamdullilah in the US BUT they wouldnt have replaced a fridge or a dishwasher 🙂 W’ere on our own forthat. Glad your dad bought her a new fridge 🙂


  6. I know what you mean about little things piling up. Houses love to do that.If the shower is making a dripping noise after use – and you see no visible dripping from the shower head (if it seems to be inside the wall) – You’ll want to go to the room downstairs that is directly under the shower area.Feel around on the ceiling. Check for softness, soggy-ness, wetness -look for yellowish discoloration. If you don’t see any of those but are still worried you can always cut a few holes in walls/floors/ceilings and have a look around 😀 We had one area that seemed to lead to a lot of pipes and we had leaks etc at our old house. We cut a square out of the drywall in a closet and never patched it. Easy access. LOL.


  7. Oh, and we used to have a 2 story but now we have a rancher. At first I missed the stairs b/c it was something I grew up with, too. But this has it’s benefits as well. Kids don’t throw things down the stairs for fun. I don’t have to go up and down to yell at them when they fight in their room. Laundry is easier, etc. LOL.


  8. Chic, it actually just requires a couple of drill screws to put it back securely in place. Dont know how that happened! Thanks for the suggestion. Sears is quite reliable!Tee, yeah I did that (not cutting) and there seems to be no soginess or anything I just dont unerstand why the noise then ya know? Like dripping? The scary thing is the celinigs literally through theentire house of this two sotry house (meaning top and bottom) have yellowish disclosration like stains but theyre all old. None new. I also see signs of drywall that was cut and then painted over. if only these ceilings could talk! Its funny b/c I grew up in one story houses and now live ni a two. I kind of miss the one. Things are simpler. Less can go wrong (only one set of ceilings to worry about) and yes, no climbing for the laundry 🙂


  9. I had a Perdue oven stuffer chicken slide out of the freezer and attack me once. To this day I’m not sure if the darned chicken was plotting against me. I’m sure she and the frozen tater tots had something going on.


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