One Year Later

It’s been a year since Pakistan’s earthquake. In the warmth of my home I wonder how many are cold. When hunger grips as I fast I wonder, how may have grown used to such pangs. Or how uncle is today. If you’re donating please consider Edhi, they’ve done a lot for Pakistan’s affected. One year later. I certainly haven’t forgotten, but have I done enough? I don’t know.

8 thoughts on “One Year Later”

  1. My gosh, how could anyone forget these catastrophies? I think so often the same thing as I sit in a comfortable, sleep in a warm bed and eat things of my own choice.With so many that have SO much, how is it that millions go without? I just can’t get that. If we all sacrificed just a little, so many could have much. It’s annoying because the math is very easy. Your pictures are moving, I love and hate them at the same time. I read your post under your Uncle link, it made me tear up. What a beautiful thing to post about your parents. Now a Mother myself, I fully understand, there is nothing more touching than a thank you like that from your child. I have shared the same type thoughts with my parents and pray every single day, that I am doing a job worthy of such praise from my two. I’m not sure I’m able to full the shoes of my parents and that is a bit frightening.btw…your choir was the reason for my post. 🙂


  2. wow , i was just remebering that. we have in egypt an organization that people donate in and sends it to muslim countries that were suffering lately.I do share with you the feeling but I actually feel like that all that time more and more bad when i think of my sisters and brothers in iraq and palestine, pakistan and everywhere. I wish if there is a stronger ACTIVE trsut worthy organization where people can help them through it ISA.


  3. What does the Pakastani government do to help their people? What are they able to do? With such wealth in the world it is shameful that people should continue to suffer so long after tragedies like this.


  4. Mommyblogr, thanks for sharing your thoughts! The comment about the post about my parents made me realize that I had linked incorrectly, lol, I went ahead and fixed that, thanks! 🙂 And you’re right about if we just sacrificed a smidge we could really make a difference. I’m debating (debating b/c I dont have kids yet and it could be a different story then) but when I have kids. At birthday parties and other such events, I’d ideally like to ask people in leiu of presents (which the kids usually have neough toys and people who bring presents to kids birthday parties dont usually bring something extremely meaningful from what I’ve seen) it might be nice to ask them to donate to an organization helping needy children. A way to thank God for blessing my child for having good health (god willing) and a happy hope (god willing). But I dont know if a ten year old will be keen on the idea. I’d hope so!Roora, it is hard to know who is sending money and who is keeping it. Jane, well the link to the article says that the gov’t hopes to rebuild completely w/in 3 years. But from people who’ve been there to help directly, they said the money isnt reaching the people like it should. And you’re right with such wealth in the world it shouldnt take this long for people to get housing… but look at Katrina… I’ve heard that Katrina actually helped people from other countries who would complain about the lack of aid from US to pause and say “well if they dont help their own folks what do we expect?”


  5. I thought that link was odd, LOL! Still I’m glad I was able to read it.Your birthday party gift observation is exactly right. The child almost ALWAYS has more then needed and the gifts are typically less than meaningful. Your idea is GREAT! Both of mine will be having birthdays soon, one in Dec. and one in Jan. I think I may just do that. But how?Sadly, I think most people would not send in a donation. So perhaps I’ll pick a childrens charity I feel strongly about, find the need and explain to the guests that their gifts will be donated to such organization so shop accordingly. If the don’t feel comfortable shopping, then any money gived in cards will be doonated.And because it’s still a birthday party for my son or daughter, I may allow them to select one gift of their choice from what was given and explain the rest will be going to children who are much less fortunate.I think that may just fly. It’s funny because it’s not my kids that I’m concerned about with this idea, it’s the adults of the children they are friends with. I like to think that the people I socialize with and their children would understand and perhaps they would. Still you just never know. People can be very strange. 🙂


  6. That is a fantastic idea! That way people can still give toys and all that but you can still donate them to local organizations. Do you need to tell the parents you’re doing it? I mean, hopefully they wouldn’t have a probem with it but I mean its their perogative to give a gift, they shoudnt get mad what you do with it?


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