Saints verus Falcons- and Aisha gets weepy***

So Im writing my paper, rolling my eyes at the intense marketing campaign for the Saints/Falcons game tonight as they hype that its the New Orleans Superdome. I hate it when the media tells me how to feel. But then U2 and Greenday do a tribute to New Orleans with local instrumenteers and wimpy Aisha breaks out the tissue. Crying watching a football game. What an absurd sentence. It’s ironic to see the crowd cheering how far New Orleans has come, when a year ago the people living in the superdome were almost uniformly one race, now a year later at a sold out football game, the race is distinctly another. Maybe that’s the way it is- but its sad.

PS: President Musharaff, Pakistan’s president is going to be on the Daily Show? Huh?!!

*OMG! MUSHARAFF IS ON THE DAILY SHOW. butterflies!! Its like watching your kid perform ballet in front of 1,000 people and how they perform will reflecton you. *gulp* Currently they are drinking tea. Don’t embarass me sport. Don’t embarass me.

12 thoughts on “Saints verus Falcons- and Aisha gets weepy***”

  1. i was watching the saints game at a local restaurant and sitting at the bar. guy next to us happened to be from baton rouge (white guy) and he said most of new orleans looks like the hurricane hit yesterday. offcourse the nice white parts of town are all fixed and spruced up. oh well… guess we can blabber all we want. we all know how it really goes. and then its pathetic how the nfl markets the game to make it a tear jerker style (and to believe that my favorite band u2 could support the hype) when the entire crowd who probably paid much $$ on ebay for their tickets was practically white rich types. where was the loud obnoxious mayor anyways ?


  2. Yesterday I heard them say on the news that the stadium cost about $185 million to fix up (don’t quote me on the number though). And I thought – if only they had spent that money on rebuidling the city…Talk about priorities!Rasha


  3. Mystic- amenMezba- I thin the interview will last a grand total of 5-8 minutes tops so I doubt he’ll get into that. He should though. By the way, do you have any idea why the President of Pakistan is getting so much attention these days? I’m showing my ignorance here but growing up it was the prime minister that pretty much handled things. What happened to that? Is it b/c of the military coup?Anon- yeah it bothered me how they acted like the fact the superdome is fixed is emotional because they’re back and how far they’ve come…. i wish they did a pan over the city to see the decay and desolation around them, so they could see how far they really have come. Rasha- yep, now millions will watch the TV and say “golly gee all is well now” Its terrible. In some ways it really really bites to be so cynical doesnt it? I wish I could watch that and just smile and say all is well instead of seeing the cruel self interested financial gain happy marketing campaign.


  4. …i heard mushy held up pretty well against jon stewart which in itself ain’t easy…the best part was at the end when jon asked him if Osama and George W ran for some governement office in khi who would win…mushy remarked they would both lose misreably…that got both jon and the audience laughing…


  5. …and aisha, even though the PM does normally hold the power in gov’t, everyone knows that shauakat aziz is there to do mushy’s bidding and that mushy is the one pulling all the strings…it’s not even something the pak gov’t hides or anything…pretty much accepted as the norm here…


  6. anon1: 😦Mia, it surprised me too, how emotional it was.. can’t imagine what it was like for the still displaced evacuees…Anon2: that got me laughing as well. And thanks for explaining about the PM versus president thing. It just confused me because growing up we always heard of the prime minters such as the bhutto’s etc. so now the shift just puzzles me.


  7. LOL – I was so shocked to see PM Musharaff on the Daily Show. I was worried about how Jon Stewart would handle such an important guest because it would reflect poorly on Americans if he said something inappropriate. Anyway, I think they both did very well. Musharaff had a brilliant answer to the question about Pres. Bush and Osama Bin Laden in an election. LOL.


  8. Tee that’s funny b/c I was looking at the other way! I was hoping Musharaff wouldn’t do anything to make Pakistanis look foolish. LOL πŸ™‚ I loved his answer at the end. I was proud of him! πŸ™‚


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