Topic Turmoil

I need advice.

Am I seeking a lot of advice lately? Do I make you feel like a magic 8 ball?!? Are you wondering just how incapable I am of making a decision?!? *sigh* As people who know me (or don’t) can attest to, I am… slightly indecisive. I have difficulty deciding on everything from careers to suits to salads. I admit it, decision making is tough. However, if confused, isn’t advice the best thing to get?

Vell, back to the advice… my International Human Rights class has a paper and I can choose any related topic. I’m torn between two. I’d love to tie both in. My professor said it was possible but I’d have to make sure it was not too broad. If you see a tying theme between the two that wouldn’t be too broad, advice appreciated.

Guantanamo. The who/what/when/where/why and legal implications.
Internment camps. Its history and the legal possibilities for the future.

I know many of you are quiet readers (I see you!) so thought a poll might be a good way to get input. IF I can’t integrate the two topics, THIS POLL will decide what I write about. I hope to publish this in an academic journal so I do want to pick the best topic.

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18 thoughts on “Topic Turmoil”

  1. I can see it in my head already. Definitely the two can be tied in especially post 911 and Pearl Harbor. You definitely have the writing skills to make this an excellent paper. Go for it, try a rough draft and then preview it with friends. Personally I think it takes great courage to ask for advice. Not everyone is capable of admitting they need a little help making up their minds now and then.


  2. I can certainly see how you can tie the two together, but I also know that for legal publications, you’re supposed to have a fairly narrow issue – for instance you would need to pick one of the legal implications of Guantanamo and discuss that. So, if you can think if such a legal issue/doctrine that relates to both, the main focus of your paper would be on that legal issue, and you can discuss both of these in light of that (so, would probably have to cut down on the details/the history of these particular events). Make sense? I’m in the process of choosing a note topic too, but have no idea where to start! 😦Good luck!Rasha


  3. Aragorn, 🙂 Well thats okay.MIA: That sounds RIGHT. Hmmm I gotta figure out a way to tie it in. I think something like, how the US deals with foreigners when violence hits their shore? I could then dicuss both. The problem I’m coming across with that is that the Japanese interned, many were US citizens, while Gitmo… they are detaining foreigners who never lived here… Maybe something about who the US detained after 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and compare the two…. I’m not sure… I’ll have to play with it, but that sounds like a great place to start brain storming. Thanks!Rehtwo, yeah I’m trying to figure out a way 🙂Rasha what do you think of what I was saying to Mia? Do you think a topic of how US detention policies towards after 9/11 and Pearl Harbor (times when they are attacked)be a specific topic to explore? I’m not sure. I’mk having a hard time with the fact that Girmo is diff. ethnicty but never lived in the US as sopposed to Internment diff ethnicity but US citizens.


  4. I’m not sure, but I think that this MAY be too broad. If I was you, I would look at papers that have been written about these kinds of topics. That would help you narrow your topic. Also, if you want to get published, you probably have to run a pre-emption check anyways. I know you probably know this, but I just thought I would point this out!Rasha


  5. Want to be really daring and test your ability to “think like a lawyer?” Why not discuss the use of Gitmo as a legitimate tool of U.S. foreign policy and the outdated notion of statehood via the Geneva Convention?S


  6. Tee, I guess we’re birds of a feather. Indecisive 🙂Rasha, thanks for the tips. My proff said to make it law review publishable I’ll have to continue to work on it through next semester. So in some ways thats good because I could be a little general now and then grow more specific over time. I dont know. Thanks for your advice! 🙂William, that sounds like a REALLY good way to articulate what I’m trying to do. thanks! 🙂Sadaf, do you mean explain why Gitmo is good? I know that would probably be great for me as far as “thinking like a lawyer” b/c its opposite of how I feel but because I want to publish this, I want to write about it from a stand point from which I agree with. Just curious, do you by any chance know of any good literature on the Geneva Convention issue you just mentioned?


  7. I voted for internment.Gitmo is ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ but from intellectual and implications point of view ‘internment’ is a real topic. Actually, I see Gitmo as a subset or variation of Internment. If you are smart (which you are) you can vind gitmo in internment topic.


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