Waiting for my ride I glanced down to see an ant meandering inches from my feet. How little it was. Practically invisible. Inconsequential. Then I thought… From this rooftop I am a doll. From an airplane, an ant. From the moon, invisible. From beyond, nothing. But surely- I am something! From the the galaxy’s perspective… I may be nothing. From the moon’s eye I may simply be a theory. From the airplane’s angle I truly may be an ant. From the rooftop perhaps just a doll. but… Atoms are so small we cannot comprehend and yet Atoms are the reason we have Mt Everest.. the Ocean… and me. In the grand scheme of things I am small, an atom in the universe at large, but inconsequential? I looked at the ant as she continued her steady pace, somehow she seemed quite different to me.

8 thoughts on “Inconsequential”

  1. once in my lit class, my teacher was trying to ppoint out the significance of our lives in the scpe of the universe- so she said (coming and standing right infront of me), “you are not even a speck of dust on the windshield of life.” and suddenly i imagined myself as a dust article- one that has no identity till its part of a million others to create a fluffball of dust- so i burst out “god i feel so smalll” and turned to look at girl who was sitting next to me- and rewlized how much bigger i was than her 4 foot nothing height- the whole class burst out laughing and 10 years later- im still bugged about being “SO SMALLL” hehe. your post reminded me of that 🙂


  2. Oh please don’t put me back in this train of thought! LOL. Just a few weeks ago I was pondering these same exact things and it only resulted in feelings of hopelessness and a big headache!


  3. Hm, that ant equals nothing or at the most equals very, very little has crossed my mind many time too. We step on and kill them unknowingly and go right on. We even at times find one crawls on our arm and smack it or just plain pinch it and it’s dead.Yet, when watching them, they are busy, working to carry something, building their grand sand pile homes, all just to live. I suppose to our lives they mean very little but to their colony they mean much.I’m suppose I’m not so different from an ant. To many, I may mean very little, but to the ones who love me, care for me and depend on me, I mean much. I don’t mind being an ant because as you pointed out we are all created from the smallest of things, the Atoms. And sometimes it turns out, that the smallest things can make the best things.Still, I feel like I have a new found respect for our little friend, the ant.


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