Giddy: The feeling one gets when learning enjoyable, meaningful things. Side effects include classes that go by quickly, and reading things that *gasp* you actually like. (Yes even Evidence… now that does indicate perhaps a neurological imbalance). But seriously… I can feel my mind growing. Trippy! 🙂

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  1. Now let’s put that in a sentence: “Learning makes Aisha feel ‘giddy'” :o)Glad you’re enjoying your classes! Evidence definitely sounds interesting!


  2. Enyur, no no dear learning does not necessarily make me giddy. It can make me sleepy, grumpy, cranky, bored, tried, lol. Learning things I actually like (like international human rights law) THAT is the type of learning that is cool. Mystic, well put 🙂


  3. I miss that about having classes. I actually hated school. I hated waking up early, cliques, social pressures, taking classes I didn’t like (such as Algebra), grades. I hated all that. But the actual learning, I loved. I don’t know if I could ever go on to college to earn a degree since there are required classes again. It would be fun just to take classes here and there for enjoyment. LOL.


  4. Ugh I hated that about highschool, the cliques, the pressure, all that. I really dont miss that. I hated most of all feeling like an inmate. YUou cant be out without a hall pass, etc. College I still remember my first week, I had to use the rest room so I got up and walked out. It was a liberating feeling to walk out without fear that someone woudl ask to see my ahll pass, lol.Yeah there are certainly classes that I hate. Oh and Algebra still tops the list, lol. After 2x = 8… I couldn’t stand the rest of it. But in some ways I have found that the miserablec ourses I took in law school are helping me savor the courses now. A lot of the boring ones ended up being building blocks without which I could not have understood what I am now.I hope when I graduate I will take some “fun” classes on creative writing and stuff 🙂


  5. Giddy: the feeling one gets when spending an entire evening alone with her husband, WITHOUT the kids!!But seriously….I can feel my heart beginning to beat faster, LOL!!It’s SO great you are living your classes and I have no doubt your brain will be huge, LOL!!:):)


  6. Nah, you’re great! I only wish my brain could be a fraction of the size yours is going to be. The world definiitely needs people like you.I’m sure there are lots of other things that make you feel that way!!


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