Updated! (Finally)

Clicking on the links will take you to the actual review I wrote if you’re interested. I’m curious if you saw any of these what your opinions were?

Movie Reviews:
1. Devil Wears Prada, (+)
2. Da Vinci Code, (-)
3. The Family Stone, (-)
4. City of God (+)

Book Reviews :
1. Second Summer of the Traveling Pants, (-)
2. A Long Way Down. (+)

Summer is awesome because I can watch movies and read books without any guilt in the back of my mind of all the studying I am forgoing. Yay for evenings to myself again albeit for just a few short weeks 🙂

15 thoughts on “Updated! (Finally)”

  1. OMGosh, you are hysterical. I LOVE your reviews. Man, an attorney, photo journalist, a reviewer….your opportunities are endless, lol.I saw “Sisterhood…..” and enjoyed it. My girlfriend rented The Family Stonw and insisted I watch, that it was GREAT! She even sat through it again. I thought is SUCKED, and I’m way easy to please. lol! AND, my time OUT without the kids or Honey, I mean totally free time, is very limited and I went with friends to see Da Vinci, lol! You can imagine my dismay, lol! Oh well, perhaps I’ll have to be checking your reviews before venturing out.:):)


  2. Just in time! I’m looking for a good read myself! I was thinking of reading the first version of the “Second Summer of Travelling pants” cuz I heard it was good. Devil Wears Prada…I hoping to go see that one soon…sounds good!


  3. I thought “The Devil Wears Prada” was really funny. (It’s also fun to see now-familiar scenery — I see some of those buildings on a daily basis now!)


  4. HEy all, Kay, well I am working but at least there is no studying 🙂Tee, if you end up watching please share your opinionMommyblogr, so you didnt like Davinci code either???? Most people I know did like it except the people ‘I went with. something was off right? Oh and the Sisterhood movie was great, I bought it.Maha, aww sorry did you like the movie? I did read the book. Thats why I was so excited to see the movie. Maybe I should give it another shot 🙂Enyur, Sisterhood (the first one) is pretty good. I also liked “about a boy” by Nick Hornby. Anything by Zadie Smith typically rocks IMHO but the genre is more drama introspective. I recall you prefer thriller/suspense. I heard Dean Koonz is good for that. Mystic. Good idea I recall reading about it on your site. ThanksRehtwo that must be cool!! I liked the film 🙂


  5. I haven’t read those books yet but I did check out the flicks . I’m def going to check out the 2nd traveling pants book.1.I loved the book wasn’t so thrilled with the movie. This is like the 3rd time this happens to me. I’ve learned my lesson I can’t watch the movie if I really loved the book. I wind up arguing with the screen…lol2.BORED out of my freaking mind. Hated it mind you I was dying to see this film.3.Thought I was going to be bored by it but I loved it I really did. By the end I was in tears. 4.LOVED IT! I saw it with a Brazilian home girl of mine so I was already familiar with the subject having heard her stories of growing up in a favela which according to her is harder on females than males. BTW are you planning on checking out the Favela documentary on cable?


  6. Salaams,I haven’t read the two books you’ve reviewed on. This is besides the point, but have you read Rajeeb Balsubramanyam’s ‘In beautiful disguises’? Its a wonderful novel. And not just your ordinary wonderful. Its…hilariously mundane! I recommend that book, like 20, 000 times, lol.have a nice day!salams.


  7. Champ, cool 🙂Mia, you liked family stone?? Didnt you find Parker’s character so overacted? Wow you have a friend who got out of the favelas. That’s interesting, i’m writing about that next.Writer’s creek, salaam! thanks for the tip I’ll wish list it.


  8. Thanks!!! Oh and thanks for reminding about the John Grisham books…can’t believe I keep forgetting to pick one up!! That’s it this weekend is library day!


  9. Cidade de Deus or City of God is an excellent movie. I saw it quite a while ago, but recently saw it again. The director shows society from the slums rather than from the top down.


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