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Paratay in Words

So yãll keep asking for pictures so I finally found a place that will let me upload! This is my writing on Paratay and then below there are two posts of Paratay, one of the island we visited and one of our day off.

Paratay was an amazing city definetly a top ten most meaningful experience. The beauty of this place is so peircing its hard to explain it in words and harder still to capture it in pictures.

Paratay is an old colonial port town three hours south of Rio. They were once known to be the sugar cane giants and big port to import into. Over time however Rio became the port city and Paratay became a forgotten city. A few decades ago it has revitalized as a historic site. We did not go to Paratay for the city but for an island nearby which we used a boat to reach. We are here laerning about cross cultural communication and we went to visit the people who live on the island, the carcinearoes who~ve lived there for hundreds of years. . They are a blend of Portugese, African and Native American and live on this island excluded pretty much from the rest of society surviving on the fishing trade. These are the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. This island is paradise. i say this because of the peace of mind you feel when you walk through the forests and the village. None of the homes have locks, even the homes of the handful of Americans with their fancy homes with dvd players and big screen tvs dont have locks and no one breaks in. We left our purses and bags on a bench in the village square and returned with nothing touched. Children playing soccer barefoot while the parents offered sugar cane and fresh bread. the sad thing and the reason we are studying them is that they live in this heavenly place which is now slowly being discovered by poeople for the paradise it is and the outsiders are buying their land. These native people have never seen so much money (which is far less than it is worth) and they sell their land that was theirs for generations. Then they have no place to go and they leave the island to a nearby slum in Paratay where they struggle to pay rent and feed their families. Problems and worries they never had on their island. We visited the island that was Paradise and we visited the slums that some now reside in. Its silly but the song }They paved paradise to put up a parking lot bby the counting crows kept running through my mind.

The next day we took a boat tour and just spent the day lounging and visiting a nearby festival. Our accomdations felt like we were at summer camp but it grew on me and I was sad to leave.

Okay now I will post the pictures with narration below!

11 thoughts on “Paratay in Words”

  1. Paratay was the town I was talking about with you before you left. It was a center of the portuguese colonial sugar industry and was at one time on it’s way to be Brazil’s capital…before sugar bottomed out and Rio de Janeiro took over.Glad you got to see it.


  2. OK, it’s been a couple of days….where are you? I want to know MORE!Hope all is well where you are.Ciao! That has to be the new thing now….with the Hubbs being fluent Italian and speaking it regularly and the Brazil trip…it’s just going to have to be Ciao! LOL!


  3. Hey Mommyblogr, I will try to post today or tomorrow, we had papers due this weekend so i have been up to my ears writing like mad 🙂 But thanks for thinking of me!!Champ thanks for the tag, when i get back inshallahAsh I recall our conversation on Paratay, truly a magical place.pixie aint it the truth?


  4. This is very sad. I’m sure they were happy in their little part of paradise before they were exposed to Western excesses. Even if they don’t sell their land and move – how awful would it be to live in a shanty while some American comes down and plops a McMansion next door?I love that your post has some ~ in it. ROFL. I think your keyboard is biased? No? … Man, I can hear the nasal Portugese sound. My friend Leo in high school was from Brazil. What a really enjoyable accent. Love it.(Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head, BTW!)


  5. Sorry you are having to work so hard…..certainly, I meant no pressure. Well, maybe a little, lol!Will be computerless until Monday, but look forward reading more about the places you are visiting.Take care and pictures! 🙂


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