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Quick Update From Brazil

Oi! I write to you from a gym. Yes a gym. Its a fancy gym inside my building and after much debate I decided to join because daylight hours are unfortunately scarce since its winter in Brazil (i.e. 80 degrees). And yes this gym has internet access, and techno music pulsing through the studio. There´s something about Brazilians and techno and computers. ;).

We arrived from Paratay today and it was one of those trips that can change you. Mystic Soul you would be interested to know that the trip has helped me learn that there probably is no such as a coincidence.

Someone commented that I should be comissioned by the tourism board and it made me reflect on my writings. Most of it describes the stunning beauty and color and life of the city but my course work deals with studying the issues in Brazil legal and otherwise. Through it we are learning a lot and I get to see and visit a lot more than what a tourist would ordinarly come to see on a week or so in Rio. I am hoping tomorrow I can sit down and write about Paratay first and then next time I write, write about some of the other things that exist here in Rio that we are learning and that is saddening such as the racism that no one acknowledges, extreme poverty and favelas (slums) teetering over hilltops where millions of Brazilians live, sanitation issues etc. I wanted to write about this after our visit to the favela on Tuesday (I think) but I did want to point out that its not all paradise here though for a visitor staying strictly above the surface, God´s natural beauty is present in all its stunning glory and one can´t help but be moved despite the destitution and desperation that surrounds it.

9 thoughts on “Quick Update From Brazil”

  1. Fate sometimes works in the oddest ways. Take it all in from the favelas which a Brazilian amiga of mines tells me are heart wrenching to the fancy gym. I sense this will be a life changing trip for you.


  2. Now that’s MY kinda gym! lol! I have yet to see or hear of a gym here in Toronto that has internet access! Hmmm…paratay (sounds like parathay i.e. the roti…I’m hungry now). Anyway, good to hear from you again!


  3. Ay, it’s hard. To see the beauty of a place, even the beauty of a little child playing with a stick -but there’s sadness in that, too, of course. Life is a struggle but the struggles are all unique depending upon the person, the place, the time. In El Salvador I watched kids laughing with joy, rolling a tire down the road. It was beautiful and sad. My own children sit amongst their expensive gadgets not nearly as entertained -sometimes downright “bored”. No one can really say that poverty is a good thing. It’s not. It’s a sad thing. But for people to be so unspoiled by life that they can appreciate with all their heart – it’s something special. We drop $100 in Wal-Mart and are still unsatisfied. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. The disparity in wealth is still shocking to me. I should be numb by now but I’m not. It’s frustrating to me that there isn’t an easy way to even the playing field so we can all just be content. Be well and keep writing. {hugs}


  4. Ooh. I want to hear more about the things you’re studying and why you’re in Brazil in the first place. 🙂At least you go to the gym. I am soooo lazy.


  5. Tudo bem, Aisha?I can’t believe you here and I’m here in the so cold Switzerland! I’m so happy that you are having a great time there! Well, great time and Brasil are synonymous to me!Please, drink many “água de coco” for me! If you wanna learn some Portuguese, try to understand the full meaning of the word saudade. It’s the msot beautiful word ever!!!Well, I wish you a wonderful time, there! Please keep us update!um grande beijo!


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