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Rainy Rainy Rio

From my journal today…

I write from the beach in South America. I roll this word over on my tongue. I never thought I would be here. It is windy so the waves are high and only two girls are playing in the waves as I sit upon the sand taking in the breathtaking view. Impanema beach is all mine. I find it quite intimate to be alone on a beach that rarely finds peace from the tramplings of feet and bodies. I am not foolish I chose to plunk down right next to a police officer watching the beach. When he leaves I leave. I love being at the beach by myself. It is an intensly personal experience for me. In Palm beach i wold drive to Juno beach in midday to eat lunch and watch the water with my private thoughts and the waves. I feel 18 again as I see the waves bulge in the distance, rising as they come closer and then pause briefly before crashing upon the shore.

Yesterday began beautifully, I woke up at 5:50am to run with a classmate by the ocean. The sun sets at 5pm so I get up earlier to make the most of the day light hours. Then we wandered over to the vegetable market with vendors selling every fruit imaginable cut and displayed with limitless samples. The fruit at the farmers market was unlike any other i’ve ever eaten. I never knew how sweet watermelon could taste. Or how sweetly pungent the smell of fresh cut flowers could be. I wish I could upload the pictures of the flowers because they were so beautiful they seemed unreal. Many of the flowers we get back at home are from South America so it should not surprise me that in their freshest cut they are so breathtaking. Ofcourse I bought some mangoes which reminded of the mangoes I grew up eating that grew upon my childhood mango tree in Miami. But then it rained. rained rained rained. not american rain. Brazilian rain. Oh yes the two are quite different. It rains. and rains. and rains. relentless unending rain trickling as though God created a leaky ocean in the sky. I am affected by the climate particularly because Rio is an outdoor city and the rain effectively cut off all that. It saddened me and Kashif heard the brunt of that. Sorry Kash 🙂

Living here and being a “native” is helping me recognize people as well. The most memorable character thus far is a beautiful golden brown golden retriever, a stray who wanders the streets of Impanema. What makes us laugh when we see him is his intense personality. He trots down the street looking about him at a brisk pace as though a corporate attorney on his way to an important meeting. Like in Turkey the strays pay people no mind. They are living their life and couldn’t be bothered with us. It amazes me how they don’t scare me in other countries but in my own country if a dog is on his lawn I am filled with fear that he will approach me. Just now this very stray trotted past me, paused, looking searchingly at me and went on his way. I wonder if he recongized me too.

Well I’m off now to have some dinner and pack for our trip to Parachi about three hours from Rio. We will be hiking the Atlantic rainforest and visiting the sugar cane colonial town. Im unsure if I will internet access (probably will) but if I dont, ciao until Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Rainy Rainy Rio”

  1. I hope the rain clears for you – although I can find ways to enjoy the rain too, sometimes. The description on the beach is making me more excited for my trip to OBX in June. It’s not Rio, but it’ll do. I love to just sit there in the sand as you’re doing – watching and listening to the crash of the waves. It’s one of those things one could feel like they could watch forever. Completely hypnotic.I loved the description of the stray. While I feel bad for stray animals they really do add a certain character to a city. My husband’s family in El Salvador throught I was a bit weird for all the pictures of stray dogs I was taking. LOL. It was probably like if someone from another country came here and walked around taking pictures of mailboxes. We’re just used to them being there and pay them no mind. LOL.Get a pic of this one. You gonna name him? LOL. The image of a golden retriver trotting down the streets of Rio made me laugh. My Mom has 2 goldens. Now I know they have some cool cousin down in Brazil.


  2. Wow, even in the rain it sounds heavenly!Being a teenager in South Florida, I spent many hours on an empty beaches. The beach could be quite a friend. It heard the wonderings of my future as well as all the tears and pain experienced over teenage heartbreak. The smell of the salty air, feel of the warm breezes and sound of the ocean. Ah, to be 17 again.Enjoy the rainforest!Ciao!


  3. Hey all, wish I had more time to blog but i just accessed an internet studio for a brief amount of time. Inshãllah when i get back to Rio I will write more. But I have to say that the places in Parachi we as students got to see off the beaten track is a life changing sort of place to visit.


  4. Baraka welcome backMystic 1 + 1 = 3 hmmm maybe its late i~m confused, lolJamal. aw thanks actually no comission and actually there is a lot more to rio than the rosy picture hopefully when i get a chance to sit down next time and write about the rio stuff i will share the other side as well


  5. I know what you mean, it rained like crazy ALL of last week and it was darn depressing (I’ve never seen so much rain in one week).And yeah dogs scare me too, but the ones in Pakistan (the stray dogs) I guess are like the Brazilian ones, can’t be bothered with us humans lol!


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