My brain- it’s full**

Exams are rolling in right around the corner and this busy bee is studying like its no one’s business. I am impressed with myself. If only I channeled this drive um…. a wee earlier? Ah well, better late than never I say. So I warn you as I have before, that the posts will either become a) less frequent (and/or) b) nonsensical. I feel much like the young man in the cartoon… brain.. full… too.. full…. *gulp*

PS: I was excited about What about Brian and ran on the treadmill to it yesterday, it seemed Felicity-ish but I was terribly disappointed. They’re trying so hard to not get cancelled they rushed the stories without any character development and yes as Derek Zoolander would say, the cast is really really ridiculously good looking, but… looks can’t save a show! Scrubs doesnt exactly have the most eye candy cast in the world but its the best show on TV. Looks only take you so far, in the end it’s all about “dil” (heart) oh and good writers dont hurt either.

P.S.S: Right now you’re thinking. “she said she’s studying?” Well, I am! But a girl’s gotta work out no? TV is the guilty pleasure to take me away from the treadmill and help the time fly. *guilt fading* Back to them books…. *sigh*

***P.S.S: Ali, Aamir, ahem ZOOLANDER. Do I get no love?

24 thoughts on “My brain- it’s full**”

  1. ehehehe “brain too full” yeah, I know that feeling! No harm in taking a quick break ;o) Anyway, wish you the best of luck on your exams!! Happy studying!


  2. Gracias Enyur. Yes I say you need a braek occassionally. I think it was Mia who occassionaly comments here that said every few hours you need a nice long break for it all to settle in. Mommyblogr, LOL um I doubt you’r walking around with an empty head, lol! πŸ™‚ Btw- I’m craving some eggplant parmesan, its my next big project once exams are finally over!!!


  3. Oberon. Hm. I guess. It doesnt help anything.Southern, I fixed it :-). Two days? You guys must get done before us. Ours start May 1. I’m so tired. I’m not a 2am girl anymore. *sigh*


  4. Good for you for taking care of your body in the midst of the stress. You do need a break now and again or you will crack. I’m proud of you, Aisha. Keep up the good work. It will pay off.


  5. Plus sending major sympathy your way! I just am saturated with work, another 3 more hours then a “going-over-past-paper-session-with-a-friend-which-will-last-all-night-and-we’ll-end-up-pulling-each-others-hair-out” Ah the joys of studenting tho, wudnt give it up for anything!!!


  6. Jane thanks! You’re in my thoughts as well, I hoipe things are okayBongi- zoolander rocks! I try to squeeze a reference in when I can :-). Good luckto you too on your paper 😦Rehtwo it seems a lot of us can relate :0)Aman: Good luck!!!!!! Mommyblogr, awww thanks! πŸ™‚ The recipe is just as great considering its the only one that doesntn require me to get up at 6am and cook till midnight πŸ˜‰


  7. happy studying, iA i’m cheering for ya! so do you own a treadmill? i’m thinking about not renewing my gym membership b/c running in hijab sucks, but i would have no idea what kind of treadmill to get…


  8. Thanks Shabina:) Yes I have my own because it just takes too long with my day to hike over to the gym, and also the clothing, you can be more free if its at your house. Mine is from Sports Authority and I paid only $200 for it. It’s not fancy schmancy or anything but it has the time, calories burnt, distance etc and I’m pretty pleased with it:)


  9. Yes ’twas I that said that which is why i’m now taking a break from studying. You know Aisha it seems that school is keeping me from the gym these days. I’ve been working out on my friend’s treadmill. However I did buy one of those AB Lounger Xl chairs…OMG it is fantastic!! I gotta do a post about it one of these days. In the mean time good luck with your studies!


  10. Mia, do you remember what it was exactly about the study plan? Was it like 2 hours on 2 off? I can’t remember but it was good for me last time. But I guess my brain overfried and I can’t recall how it worked! 😦Tee: *sighhhh* aitn it the truth!!!? One year from today, God Willing, I’ll be studying for my last exams. Dont get me wrong I like learning and being a student but b/w you and me. I think I’ve gotten enough share to fulfill me for a lifetime! lolMystic- oh stress is there, but handling it better I guess πŸ™‚ Beautiful stanza from Ghalib. He’s amazing.


  11. Yeah actually that is right, breaks really do help to let you absorb what you’ve learned. The whole cramming this is just temporary.Happy studying and good luck!! :o)


  12. Noor, thank you!! πŸ™‚Enyur, that makes me feel way less guilty about the breaks I do take πŸ˜‰Zak, i guess a little less frequent for the next few weeks but not totally takin a break πŸ™‚


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