And just like that life drifts by
one day at a time
subtly slowly
pilfering a handful of grains each second, each minute, each hour
praying we don’t notice
-we don’t-
countless grains parted with
willingly nonchalantly eagerly foolishly
beliving in its never ending supply

Yet what is the wisdom of awareness?
for the tighter we hold on the faster they flee our clenched fists
taking us with or without our consent
further and further away from the shore

19 thoughts on “Time….”

  1. Hey Aisha, thanks for the heads up. I “think” I may have fixed the problem. Whenever you happen to be in the area (doesn’t that sound cool?), could you leave another comment and let me know if you still get one of those ‘evil’ email messages? Thanks a whole bunch!!! :o)


  2. OG: I wish I was studying on plush cushions that sounds nice!!! Can I study with you? Glad you’re starting your blog again, will check it out! 🙂Mystic: yeah, it was the inspiration..Enyur: ok i did comment, so far no bounce back “mailer daemon” message.


  3. to add to it..nor all thy piety nor wit can turn back a word of it..nice stuff aisha..but then again I have not been disappointed by your blog so far!


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