At last a new template! You like? I never thought I’d have a personalized template because I am the most technologically inept person I know but luckily I know some really awesome people. A big thank you to Huda who herself considered this template for her site and quite generously let me use it. Another huge shout out to Mia who created the graphic and helped me further format the template. I hope one day I can help you guys in some way too.

I personally find black text on white easier to read so hopefully the new template will be easier on the eyes. I also created two new blogs linked on the top bar. One is my movie reviews, and the other my book reviews. They probably will get updated a bit more frequently once exams are over though.

When I showed Kashif the template he was a bit perplexed at the title: Perpetually Befuddled. “But honey…” he said “You’re not perpetually befuddled.” To explain my perspective I thought it good to provide a definition:


1. Lasting for eternity.
2. Continuing or lasting for an indefinitely long time.
3. Continuing without interruption.
4. Flowering throughout the growing season.


be·fud·dled, be·fud·dling, be·fud·dles

1. To confuse; perplex.

Growing up I believed with all the certainty in the world that my parents and teachers had all the answers and when I grew up I too would have the answers. Two years ago an inmate escaped from jail and decided to hide behind my school. We were on lockdown and as I was closing the blinds in the back of my classroom I saw the police running, guns drawn, into the backwoods. I felt beyond terrified but I walked back to the rug where my students sat and followed in the tradition of grownups before me, by reading a story like nothing was wrong. Growing up is ironic because you must pretend you know it all when in fact you have more questions than ever before.

In middle school I thought once I reached highschool I’d have the answers to life’s secrets, then as a senior I knew once college started the answers would spring forth but the older I get the more I realize there are no easy answers to anything. Life is full of perpetually befuddling questions with forks in the road everywhere you turn, but finding the answers is part of life’s beauty. I am not ashamed to be perpetually befuddled for it is through questioning and confusion that knowledge and answers spring forth. I hope I perpetually consider and wonder about both the darkness and beauty of our world and the darkness depth and beauty of my own soul. This is my little corner to express thoughts, find answers, or ponder the imponderables and for that reason I find the title aptly suitable.

45 thoughts on “Voila!”

  1. First things first. I am SOOOO jealous. This is something i’ve been wanting to do but am inept and know no such technorati’s.Okay, now that’s off my chest, love what you did you place. And the title is perfectly you. 🙂 Not that i find you befuddled but knowing you, it fits you perfectly.


  2. You know I kind of noticed something…on Internet Explorer, the font size in the sidebar appears bigger (chunky font)…but in Fire Fox it’s fine. Oh and the blogger banner (at the very top, blue, would blend in better if you chose black – just a suggestion).Sorry, didn’t mean to sit here and critique your blog…:o(


  3. Love the new template. I remember when a girl offered to help me with mine. I was so perplexed and overjoyed at the same time. Nobody has a template quite like yours or mine. That is the beauty of things.Life is a beautiful thing, as long as you are willing to live it. I guess a part of life is to ask questions, answer them and form new ones. It is what makes life worth living.Horrified to hear about that gun/police/teaching incident. Glad everythign went ok…it seems!


  4. BBCD, indeed 🙂Ruthie, Maleeha, Wayfarer Bongi thanks!Ash: ok… maybeEnyur what would I do without you helping me with the silly font lay out issues. Hmm . Do you mean the blogger banner that says “blogger” and search this bog and flat etc? I didnt know you could change the color of that! And the font is still coming out really big on the right with IE? That’s so odd! Grr.


  5. Monika! Thanks! yes your blog is very unique, very nice 🙂 And yeah the police thing went fine thankfully… I just kept the blinds closed and kept the kids away from any windows! 🙂


  6. Awww…and yes the font is big (not that it really matters, just letting you know), but it’s probably because you’re using Firefox to do all the html I guess.Also, yes you can change the colour of the blogger banner (go to your blogger dashboard and then to ‘Change Settings’ then under Template you’ll see the option to change the colour of the NavBar (you have a choice of four) and then select black (tuhaadi marzi!) lol!


  7. acha, kee khyal ay? its sorta gray looking. Do you think its better than the blue though? Yeah I dont know what the deal is with IE I guess one of these days I need to get onto an IE browser and fix it once and for all. I’m glad you downloaded Firefox though, its much better as far as virus protection goes.


  8. lol!! Yeehaw!!! Me like it!!! Yeah I know it’s kinda greyish looking but blends in better now! Blue toun behtar hai jee!!Sorry, I’m high on Coke (cola that is) hehehhehe


  9. Thanks Que Sera sera, I feel weird saying thanks for something that is not my doing at all since I could never have come up with this on my own, but I’ll say thank son behalf of the creator of the template 🙂Enyur Huda my super hero friend figured out why IE is displaying it wrong and I think it should show up normal now.


  10. Hey Punjaban! Yesh, the sidebars look normal now!!! *yay Huda!!* I’m gonna close my eyes now just so I don’t find anything else on your blog lol! kidding…everything looks fine!!!


  11. Baji thanks 🙂Enyur thanks and keep me posted when sir blog goes nuts on mejane, I’m so glad you like it! 🙂 You know a quick google search for free blogger templates yeild quite a few pre-made ones that you can just upload to your template.


  12. nice template, its very different from the ones I usually see, white and red, elegant and girly at the same time =)and the definitions you provided have helped me in my GRE prep! heh


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