Cute Aisha Hippo

Weather affects mood. It is decidedly so. Today was the sort of day that you go to check the mail, and find yourself minutes later standing in the driveway in your PJ’s with your eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sun, the slow cooling breeze feeling… ultimate peace. It’s the type of weather that makes you smile all day. Think deep thoughts. And think well of everyone. I heard that Southern California is like that very single day. Would I apepreciate it less if it was like this every day? I wondered this when I went to California and felt my heart wanting to leap out of my chest as I saw the mountains, the valleys, the ocean… if I lived here.. would it just wash over me, unfazed? Oh and maybe because of the fact that I’m finally sort of figuring out which direction I want to head in my life is also making me quite pleased :). I will share this in a later post..

So since I have a smile on my face, thought it only fair to share. My counter tells me what searches people use to get here. Some are funny. Some peculiar. Maybe they’re only amusing to me? Do you notice the odd animal theme? In anycase, enjoy 🙂

Aisha the Giraffe- Uh..
Aisha Monkey- HEY!
Silly Monkey Aisha- *sniff*
Odd Monkey Aisha- *okay…*
Cute Aisha Hippo
Dead Aisha- I get this A LOT. That’s just creepy!
Does Kashif love Aisha- Yes.
Is Kashif cheating on me with Aisha
I love Kashif- Watch it sistah
Kahlula Recipe- probably from this. Sorry. Desi for nap, not drink.
Mitch Hedberg quotes-he’s indeed funny, here’s a more useful link
Santa Fe Cheesecake Recipe<- If you find it please share..
Mean bosses wear prada<- this searcher made me feel so much less alone.

PS: Someone asked me why the random roses. Firstly, they’re pretty! Second, they’re from our California trip.

20 thoughts on “Cute Aisha Hippo”

  1. Good fun. I too sometimes check my counter software and get a kick of some of the search terms to come to my blog.<>“pro cousin marriage”<> probably when I posted on a BBC article cousin marriage amongst British Pakistanis.<>“how to have your friend like your wife?”<> – Led to < HREF="http://mezba.blogspot.com/2005/12/so-hows-my-wife.html" REL="nofollow">this<>.<>“nikab good looking”<> – don’t remember which one this led to,and finally, <>“i am very fair but hips and under arms so black how to fair these “<> – led to < HREF="http://mezba.blogspot.com/2006/01/atn-bangla-commercial.html" REL="nofollow">this<>.


  2. TDH: LOOOL. Yours is AWESOME!!!! Particularly handsome models:)Mystic and Ayalguita you might want to click on TDH’s link and find the original site to start your own. Just a quick google search will lead you to many site counters/trackers.Koonj, yes they are bigger crazies than yours perhaps, but at least they are bechari innocent folk unlike yours earching for X rated naked niqabis! lolMezba, lol, I guess we all get searches we dont quite understand…


  3. hehe, I remember thinking the same thing when I went to SoCal and saw the gorgeous mountain landscape. The natives didn’t really seem to appreciate, so I wondered if all the beauty would be lost on me, too, if I saw it everyday…


  4. Natives tend to take things for granted. I am in love with my city but it still amazes me when a tourist stares at the Statue of Liberty all agape. I guess it’s because I see “homegirl” first thing every morning when I wake up.Actually I never realized how much I loved the way the WTC looked in the backdrop of the setting sun until it was gone. Now when I look out to the spot where they once stood I wish I had taken the time to really appreciate them.


  5. “watch it Sistah” You are too funny! I love the roses and I can’t wait for a day the weather allows me to stand in my driveway in my pj’s.I think the absence of that type of weather makes me appreciate it when it gets here. Although, the cold SUCKS! lol.


  6. Shabina, makes you think doesnt it.Mia, you see it every day when you wake up?? I know what you mean about the WTC though… When they do pan shots of the city skyline something is obviously missing…Boxin 🙂 Adnan, lol that’s hilarious. I dont know what about your blog would lead people there? Mommyblogr, yeah Atlanta had some unusually wonderful weather and I for one did not complain 🙂


  7. insecurity leads girls to google whether their men are cheating on them bahahahahahahahah thats the funniest!I’m so gonna set up a counter sometime soon and cute Aisha hippo is the cutest! 😀


  8. Yeah Aisha I sure do. Luckily for us I live in an area with a fantastic view of the city. To the left of me is Queens. I can see Shea Stadium and watch the planes as they come in to land at the airport. To the right of me is Manhattan. I can see “home girl”, the Empire State Building (where I work as a photographer) and in the summer OMG the fireworks!There are no tall buildings blocking my view ours is the tallest (7 floors) in between us all there is is water.


  9. Mayya, lol thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed me and my cute hippo self! 🙂Wayfarer, isn’t Kahlula fun to say?? My brother in law used to say it and I thought it was a made up word but then I heard it on a Pakistani show and found out it indeed is a word.Mia… wow! That sounds fantastic. Sounds like you do appreciate it.


  10. We had a few days like that recently — I was wearing flip-flops in February in Boston? I couldn’t believe it. And then…in a matter of hours…the temperature fell 30 degrees or something and the wind picked up. At least your searches are G-rated…PG at the worst. Somehow people tend to find my blog using decidedly X-rated searches — odd, considering I post nothing of the sort on my site!


  11. Rehtwo! Long time no see! 🙂 Yeah I have a few X rated searches here and there… but they’re just pervy.. not funny at all… 🙂Bongster, Welcome! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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