Top Ten Peeves- in no particular order

Got this idea from Mommyblogr! It’s all in good fun, come, let us commiserate together 🙂

1. Slurpers. Be it tea. coffee. or cereal. It’s my nails across the chalkboard. I remember in a very Seinfeld-esque moment wondering if my husband would slurp his cereal. In horror I could picture as I sat across him during breakfast day after day as he slurped his breakfast for eternity. Luckily, Kashif doesnt really eat breakfast, unless its tea in a foam cup to go and luckily he is not a tea slurper. Seeing as we drink tea quite regularly, this indeed would have posed a problem. Never-the-less this slurping sitation seriously impedes in my coffee shop studying or doodling as many of you out there are indeed slurpers!

2. Swervers. You know who I’m talking about. People driving 80 miles an hour on the highway. on their cell phones. Giggling and laughing.. and swerving into other lanes without checking. This happens to me at LEAST three times a week. Me thinks I should purchase the Mission Impossible soundtrack for the driving drama. Is this kind of driving an thing? a cell phone thing? .

3. Bathroom talkers. I speak of those on their cell phone while using public restrooms. Loudly. Firstly, the lack of privacy in public bathrooms is awkward anyways why complicate it with loud discussions of how your boyfriend lost his job while in the stall? I know we lead busy lives but surely you can find some time to talk on the phone outside of your public bathroom moments? Sanitary? Gack!

4. Public Confiders. The student who raises their hand and proceeds to tell us their entire personal life story including their time in drug rehab and their mom’s pill addiction while we sit quietly blushing for you. Oh and people on cell phones while you’re waiting for class to begin, like Anisa said.. and they are talking loudly about the check that bounced or the divorce attorney’s opinion on the custody hearing while everyone sits there… horrified. *I’m noticing a cell phone theme here*

5. Loud Typers. Goodness sakes. Are you trying to beat the thing into submission? Seriously. The worst part is when the teacher is on a tangent sharing how her dog had puppies and you’re clicking away loudly, totally outing yourself as surfing or chatting online.

6. Baby Trumpers: You know what I’m talking about. They ask, “so how are you, been busy?” and before you can say “Well..” they interrupt with a gleeful “Wait till you have kids! You don’t know tired yet. I know tired. You do not.” 40 plus hours a week teaching, 4 night classes, weekends cramming. Whoops. How dare I say I’m tired? C’mon! People sans kids can get tired too. Really!

7. Random Messengers: I put my msn messenger screen name on the side bar thinking I’ll get in touch with friends I dont talk to enough, and maybe getting to chat with some of you cool folks in blogosphere, so have talked to a few of y’all and its jolly good fun. It is not you whom I speak of... It’s the people who add me without a prior shout out, and then proceed to IM me… AND refusing to tell me who they are. C’mon think about it? Is that cool? It’s happening to such a degree now that each time I log into msn I have five new “additions” of people who refuse to name themselves …. me thinks the screen name shall go. * Edited to add: I’m not talking about anyone who added me generally.. just a specific group who barrage me with messages but when I ask who it is, refuse to say*

8. Black and Whiters: Life is shades of gray. There are two sides to almost every story. Inevitably those of the black/white mentality are rather adamant on their view and not quite tolerant of the different persepectives. Infact, they can be quite mean. In the words of the famous bumper sticker: Mean People Suck.

9. LIB who fancy themselves SIB. Not only is it wrong- it’s truly shameful really. Remember SIB is not where you came from.. it’s who you are. *solemn nod* (Asim and Kashif this one was for you! :)) … sorry that one probably made no sense to anyone.

10. Jonesters, Hoity Toities, Fakers: Jonesters: Materialistic people who think there’s something seriously wrong if youre not. Fakers: nothing about them is real so they presume likewise of you. These are the ones you think you can depend on because they fake so well.. but when it comes down to it.. they are the last ones who will show up. Hoity Toities a befuddling combination of both. In the words of a friend of mine who sums up encounters with such people succintly: Boo!

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Peeves- in no particular order”

  1. On number 10 – are these made up words or am I not privy to the new slang? LOL.I agree with #8 and #1, but thankfully don’t come into contact too often with the others!As for your MSN – There are settings on it. Mine is set so that no one I don’t know can add me without my approval. I had it open to all people a long time ago and you get some real weirdos. LOL.


  2. My husband slurps his coffee. Most of the time I try to ignore it but when I am pregnant or in a bad mood it drives me crazy!!!I don’t like people who talk on there phone and drive 10-20 miles under the speed limit in the fast lane on the freeway.I don’t like any talking at all in the bathroom. I really hate it when people talk to me!Okay this is too long I think I may do this on my blog as well.


  3. Tee- yes all made up words, LOL. Yeah I know you can approve or deny.. but i get so curious!!! 🙂 Surviving- glad we can relate 🙂 You should do one too, let me know if you do, I want to read about it 🙂Reza! I was *not* talking about you trust me. These people have their pictures on and so far no one who looks like you has done that. 😦


  4. LOL, some of your pet peeves are the same as mine.#4- I was on the shuttle bus with this girl one time and she was arguing with her boyfriend on the cell phone- “I didn’t take your pills, I don’t know who did.” Illegal drug use seems like it should be a personal thing right?#5- as a fellow law student i really understand this one, especially during exams. and people with really loud fans in their computers! (altho there is prob. nothing they can do about that). I must admit that I am guilty of surfing and chatting quite a bit in class lol. I mean Antitrust, come on, what was I thinking on that one!


  5. I dont come in any of the categories, but i have talked about them on the blog too often 😀Damnit, hate those public confiders .. LOL, slurping should be a sin. Loud typers HAA .. my boss. LOLbtwThere are some people who add me thinking I am a girl. Can you believe that? smart_zain2003@hotmail, LOL another one, root.admn@gmail.com .. haha I get them on daily basis and I think I might just quit msn altogether because I don’t like to be bugged especially when I am online and working/blogging. 😛Besides, google just gave gtalk in gmail which seems just about right for me :).


  6. Great list. I so agree you, especially 1,6 and 8. My kids have the tendency to do the slurp thing. I makes me crazy, I’m forever yelling “STOOOOOOOOOP!” All though I do have kids, it’s not only us Mothers that know what tired is. Anyone who stretches themselves way beyond….certainly knows what it is to be tired. I for one, could NEVER do what you do. I needed to sit down after reading your posts there a while back…goodNESS!Yeah, the B&W…well their just dumb!


  7. love it! gonna have to do this one too. 🙂 #2 happens everywhere but is 100 times worse here (imo). I don’t drive on the highways here anymore if i can avoid it (since getting pg and having Little Dude). Crazy drivers here! LOL at the rest. Too funny. Didn’t get 9 but guess i wasn’t supposed to. 🙂


  8. Hadeel I neer posted my word cloud but it was fun to do. I checked your site and didn’t see an entry like this one?Surviving I’ll be checking:)Southern Masala, I too am guilty of surfing online totally! But you know some people who are so loud you just can’t help but ponder investing in ear plugs even if it means missing half of what the professor is saying too? LOL @ at the loud fans.. I swear sometimes it feels like I’m on an airport runway! 🙂TDH why would they think you’re a girl? Your picture is not of a woman? Maybe you should get a new screen name! How did they get it btw? I didnt see a sn on your page?Tez! thanks, long time no see! 🙂Reza, my msn is down but you can add me now.. i wont reject it 🙂Mommyblogr, glad we agree 🙂 Most moms arent like that, I just know a few who refuse to accept that non- mothers may occasionally feel exhausted. 🙂 Thanks for the great idea btw.Wayfarer can’t wait to check it out 🙂


  9. Don’t know if I am guilty of 1, I usually let my tea cool down and drink it like water (so that’s probably going to be someone else’s peeve – I could never drink hot tea).As for 2, let me add one more driving peeve. People driving downtown who are in the left lane, and as soon as the signal turns green, they switch on their left indicator as they want to turn rather than go straight! Now you have to wait.3,4,5,8 – all agree.As for 7, some (new) parents will start clicking picture of their new baby and send them to all. Which is good, babies are cute. But not after 1 minute of birth! Please clean the placenta, blood and cut the cord and all that stuff first! I got one such picture from a cousin and was like WOAH!


  10. Mezba, lol I don’t care if you drink tea hot or cold but I just care if you make loud noises as you drink it 🙂 lol. So drink it like iced tea… that’s cool! 🙂 LOL @ the click happy new parents!Reza 🙂Baji Aw thanks!!! 🙂


  11. You ‘re right, there ‘re many people who don’t care what happen to others coz of their actions. Some people on their blogs talkin’ about others ‘n’ then pretendin’ they don’t know. People from many different countries comment on my blog ‘n’ a guy just visit my blog (he doesn’t comment), he comes there just to get other girls’ blog from my comments. Though he visit you also ‘n’ he got yours’ from mine. Anyway, some people do suck.Hope you ‘re doin’ good. *Smiles*God bless you…..


  12. I still dont know how? May be somebody leaked it out for a prank .. hehThe only time I made my email public was when orkut started. The spam was unbearable 😦Yep, I don’t put my email anywhere on web these days.


  13. actually there are more than two sides to an argument..in fact there are countless sides to one..and of course there is my side..which is obviously the right one :p


  14. I’m sorry, i’m one of the “loud typers” you hate so much. but not so much on my laptop, but only on my work computer. maybe, subconsciously, i’m trying to make it sound like im being busier and more effective than i really am? my biggest pet peeve? every single person who ever bought an OBX circle sticker, or any other circle sticker with a 2 or three letter code inside. they are all posers and i hate them. they are all over the place here. i just don’t understand it.


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