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About the Danish situation….

I usually try to think of both points of view so when I first heard of the story of the Danish paper publishing pictures of the Prophet Muhammad I wondered if they just didnt realize how offensive this is. Jesus is depicted on broadway and ridiculed on shows such as Family Guy in ways that considering he’s MY beloved Prophet as well makes me cringe in discomfort…. (Which by the way why aren’t Muslims worldwide in outrage when depictions of Jesus are shown in most insulting ways? He is a Prophet too?) So initially I thought perhaps the cartoons were similar depictions and an honest mistake they didn’t realize the enormity of.

Then I saw the pictures. If they weren’t trying to antagonize Muslims then I dont know what their aim was. With the exception of one, there was no political message. It felt like a seemingly straight laced bully who knew they could antagonize the Muslims knowing their reactions would only come around to hurt them since the world already sees them as barbaric. The malice bothers me more than the actual depiction and I see the cartoon for what it is. bait. They knew what would happen and wanted it. Muslims have such a lowly status in most of the world that their reaction would just be seen with raised eyebrows and “look at those crazy Muslims” backed up with a healthy discussion of “Freedom of Speech”

But.. Muslims shouldn’t be so quick to take the bait. We need to respond civilized (such as BBCD, and Mezba discussing on a website), writing letters, boycotting, peacefully protesting. We should not give them media clips of the crazy Muslims running through the streets amock. But I know I can’t realize the extent of desperation of the impoverished Danish Muslims with little opportunity for upward mobility for whom this action is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The frustration is complex but at the same time I cringe seeing them dance the dance the Danes want. The flag burning, rioting, just gives the media more clips of the barbaric Muslims without a look at the real pain they feel. Can you imagine debate over whether its okay or not to put insulting racist images against Jews, or Black people? Infact in much of Europe there are anti-semitism laws. Why is the focus on who we demean and not what we say to people that is demeaning?

When I heard about Qurans defecated upon in Guantanemo Bay it made my stomach hurt but then I took a step back and thought. This is God we’re talking about. He’s bigger than all the games we play. He’s bigger than the people doing this. One day we will answer for all of our deeds and we will be asked by Him. A Muslim should not desecrate a Bible nor a Christian a Quran. Isn’t respect and tolerance and PEACE something that all religions teach at their very core? Whatever faith you practice surely looking at what is going on in our world today with people of all faiths in arms over their religion. You have to wonder what does God think of it? Does He approve of people murdering, raping, pillaging in His name? Rationalizing their atrocities on His behalf? Whatever faith you are, whatever God is to you personally, surely He does not approve of ANY of this. And though we must take steps in this life to change what is happening in this life we also need to remind ourselves of a basic belief that on the day of Judgement we will answer. He is the best Judge. We need to rememeber that as we keep perspective.

“I woke up this mornin’ and none of the news was good And death machines were rumblin’ ‘cross the ground where Jesus stood And the man on my TV told me that it had always been that way And there was nothin’ anyone could do or say Well maybe I’m only dreamin’ and maybe I’m just a fool But I don’t remember learnin’ how to hate in Sunday school. I believe there’ll come a day when the lion and the lamb will lie down in peace together in Jerusalem And there’ll be no barricades then There’ll be no wire or walls And we can wash all this blood from our hands And all this hatred from our souls And I believe that on that day all the children of Abraham Will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem…” – Steve Earle

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  1. I’m late to this. Just came via Tee at Spilt Milk today. What Huda said echoes what keeps bouncing around in my head amid all my other thoughts and reactions – she said “However, I’m also upset about the Muslim reaction. It’s too much. Like you said, Allah (SWT) is bigger than all of this. Those cartoons don’t hurt Him at all,” and I agree with that. My God doesn’t need defending; He’s plenty big enough to take care of Himself and all the things that are displeasing to Him. I would imagine that Allah is the same. While I can be outraged at something that is done to Him, ultimately it’s God who will have the last word. Angry action on my part will probably just perpetuate the problem.I’m not saying that they’re wrong to be angry nor am I saying that they’re wrong to react. Speaking as a non-Muslim, I don’t think that their reaction is an appropriate or beneficial one and I don’t see how it can please their prophet.Emotions are mighty weapons, often more destructive than good.


  2. Welcome pleutim and thanks for commenting. Allah is the arabic word for God. Muslims believe to worship the same God of Christians and Jews. The reaction is ridiculous. The parables of the prophet we learn as children is of his kindness an forgiveness. We read story after story of people throwing things a thim, putting thorns in his path when he walked barefoot… and he never ordere anyone to hurt anyone for it. And these were offenses to his person. In my opinion, if he was watching the horror of now…. he would probably weep at the state of this ummah (faith).


  3. Wow. I’ve never read such a sensible post on the entire situation! I really appreciate your views. I’ve signed a petition of protest on this episode. Now, the affected party seems to have turned the table on the “enemy”. The Danish flags have been burnt, apparently the flag carries the cross, the most revered symbol of Christians. How do we explain this now?.


  4. I don’t condone the provocation. But when you respond to a cartoon in a manner one expects to only see in a cartoon it gets people wondering why these people are so insecure in their religion. This post on this blog tries to pass it off on their ‘miserable’ state, on their poverty, their unbearable circumstances and past. If they actualy grew up and learned to stop doing these kinds of things and spend their extra time (which they clearly have) working harder instead of burning embassees, or vandalizing all things western, then perhapse they could get somewhere. If actions as absured and stupid and utterly infantile and barbaric as these are simply excused because we can’t ‘know what they’re going through’ then I say why isn’t that response viable in all situations? If we even try to start excusing people because of their circumstances from stupid and barbaric behaviour then when does it all end? We can trace this all the way back to the garden (Eden) folks but it doesn’t do anything to make it any better. What the media does is often stupid and offensive. I live in the state in the US that is by far and away the one most dominated by a single religious institutions. We have several antagonistic papers that publish things attacking our faith, our prophet, our beliefs, in manners just as blatantly inflamatory as the cartoons that incited all this chaos. The thing is that we realize that the only thing that will really, significantly, defame the good name of our faith is for us to act like morons rather than Mormons. When people act like they haven’t learned common human decency it doesn’t matter how compelling their theology, or philosophy, is they disparage it’s good name. Those who display such misdirected attempts at defending ‘honor’ are the ones dishonoring to a degree no infidel could the name of their prophet (Peace be upon Him) or any other part of their religion.


  5. Chez. Welcome and thanks for commenting. I dont know how we explain such jahilia. These people really make it hard for the rest of us because the world will see their behavior as representative of all Muslims. This is why they infuriate me. They make it harder for the rest of us Muslims, the majoriy.Hiveradical, welcome as well and thanks for your very well thought out comment. You are right and I am sorry if it comes across as if I sympathise with them. I do not. This was also written well before the buildings began burning and people started dying BUT I do not in any way shape or form condone the behavior there. I did try to understand WHY they’re reacting in this manner, but trying to figure out their reason is different from condoning it. This is why the entire situations saddens me so deeply… becuase I’d say the overwhelming majority looks at this and says look at the psycho Muslims and create stereotypes of us when most are like me, just living our life and peacefully practicing our religion. Muslims around the world are condemning these people, but they are a mob mentality now listening to no one and their voices drown out the moderate ones because the media focuses on them leaving many to think that Muslims just arent’ condeming the situation. My post was to tell Muslims to stop taking the bait… IF they think that this was done to hurt them… God is bigger than all of this. so is the prophet (PBUH). But thank you for respectfully sharing your views, I appreciate your perspective particularly sincey ou can in many ways relate to the frustration of bias in the media towards your faith.


  6. The was is over resources, and its weapons are ideological, and intellectual in nature. I strongly believe there are more “empowered” , rational, intellectual, and willing Muslims with greater perspective on events than there are fanatic and foolish masses waiting to be manipulated. There are many more of us ( spectators) than the theater casts.We either encourage a theatrical performance, or perform ourselves. What will it have to be?


  7. Brain syke, welcome. Thanks for your input. When you say the war is over resources. Are you referring to the Danish situation? What resource are your referring to?I like how you put it. Muslims waiting to be manipulated. This Danish situation was exactly that.


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