Five Weird Things

You might be thinking “Aisha gone meme crazy!” But I was tagged. When one is tagged surely one must comply! Ali tagged me and I thought how simple! Five weird things. Surely I can come up with at least 50. But this is harder than I thought. Am I truly that normal? Who knew… well here’s an attempt. If you do this, please let me know, I’d love to read it!

My dreams were once meaningful. Some people don’t even remember their dreams but I used to know them in vivid detail. One dream in particular may have even saved my life.

I am really good at playing “Snake” the game you get on your cell phone. It used to be standard but now its not so I havent played it in years. BUT when it was standard I challenge anyone to beat me. Highest score of all time. And yes that’s a completely unofficial statement πŸ™‚

I am absolutely terrified of roaches. Not “ew” but actually heartstopping blood curling scared of roaches. No rational explanation for it but since I am surrounded by supportive loving people they do their best not to take advantage of this for their amusement. *uh huh*

I can speak urdu well (for an American desi who grew up on Punjabi) but infront of someone who is from Pakistan I freeze up. I wish I wouldn’t because only through practice can I get perfect.

Fresh flowers make me sort of sad. Yes they’re pretty when they come in the house but then they die. I HATE throwing away wilted flowers. It makes me sad.

26 thoughts on “Five Weird Things”

  1. Mystic: what a moving thing to say… I pray I have a purpose on this earth insh’allah. It would be sad to have one and waste it. Baraka: lol *ahem* 😦


  2. If you ask my opinion, I will advise you to revisit your life events when your life was saved by a true dream. There may be something there telling you what cause in life you should concentrate and for what you were save for, as a sign.(BTW do you have any horizontal line crossing you life line in upper third?)


  3. Punjabi rocks (sorry all U urdu speaking folks)! 8-))I enjoy petals of a flower just thrown on the ground. Tho you are right I also do not flowers because they dont last a very long time!Well done!Peace


  4. I, too, have very vivid dreams. Had one last night. Anywho, I once had a very scary, yet realistic dream which I believe saved me from serius trouble later on.


  5. Raheel, you feeling allright bro? *eww*Vox: tell me about it! The worst is tell me your negative qualities… “uh I just work toooooo hard” sheesh what do they want?OG: welcome back! long time no seeMystic: um which line is the life one? Which hand? I dont know anything about those things. The dream that saved my life… i dont know how meanitful it was to tell me my purpose…. it really just accomplished its purpose which was to save me from harm.Wayfarer, so roaches are a southern thing? they dont live up north? yet another hreason to migrate up! πŸ™‚ In Florida they are EVERYWHERE… not so bad in GeorgiaEstarz: that’s not a bad idea actually! you can use the petals once they’ve dried and drooped and make potpourri or have them scattered about for decor. Thanks for the tip! Baji: do you messenger? I’d love to hear your story of the dream that saved your life. We have that in common.Tee: Snake *sigh* I miss that game. I’m glad you feel the same about flowers. Perhaps that isn’t so weird then.


  6. BBCD and Benz, welcome:) i guess the flower thing is decidedly normal as i’m not the only one!Boxin yes your urdu surely surpasses mine in eloquence πŸ™‚ someday..


  7. OMGosh Girl….I don’t even know you anymore. I mean all this time, you’ve had such things hidden. Shame, shame, shame!!Great list. It’s always nice to learn more about you.btw…I did play a week or so ago and you LAUGHED!!:):)


  8. Raheel I can now include you among my loved ones who use my phobia to their extreme amusement πŸ™‚ *shudder!!!!*Mommyblogr… nah! I love the image πŸ™‚Aamina: it better be before a month!Boxin Champ πŸ™‚


  9. You are normal in a good way…and you should be happy you don’t have stranger stories to tell. But at the same time you are unique among all of humanity, so while you aren’t weird you are certainly special.And that goes for everyone else too.


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