I cannot believe the break is over! Time flies when you’re having fun.. or sleeping. The fam came up for a week, and I went down for a week. It was a most relaxing two weeks filled with late night talks, practical jokes (why are these jokes always on me!?) and constant humiliation to anyone who tried to beat me at Air Hockey. Mommyblogr admonished me before break to abstain from books but I’m a book worm of the highest order (no TDH this does not mean I’m a nerd!) so ofcourse I devoured a few when I could spare some time… and a “few” movies too.

Quick Book Review: Pilot’s Wife– entertaining page turner. Thanks Huda! PostSecret– I’m fascinated with the website where people from around the world share their secrets…so ofcourse had to buy the book. It’s a fun read and a great coffee table book…though I wish he kept all the postcards their true sizes. Islam (by Karen Armstrong)– almost done with it and its a fantastic book. She has a gift to be interesting and fairly objective. I intend to read many more of her books.

Quick Movie Review: Sadly, though there were (very half hearted!) attempts to go see some movies in the theatre it seems that Fun with Dick and Jane (I dont care what the reviewrs say, it looks funny… repossessing their grass? that’s funny!) and Memoirs of a Geisha will have to wait…. We did catch some at home though. Pinjar which I talked about in the post below. Jinnah– detailed the life of of Qaid-e-Azam the founder of Pakistan. It’s in English and Christopher Lee did a good job portraying Jinnah. The movie helped me understand better the creation of Pakistan. The Interpreter is good if you like suspense movies. Hidalgo is great if racist stereotypes are up your alley… Man on Fire– eh. Could be better. Dakota Fanning needs to occasionally play a seven year old and not a 30 year old trapped in a child’s body. In Good Company, surprisingly entertaining. I loved it for its lighteartdness. Reaffirmed why I dont want to work for corporate America though.

I am also thrilled to announce the laptop is back. And it’s fixed. Thank you Geeksquad, you get major kudos in my book for having found the laptop in the warehouse when it was not labeled under either Kashif or Aisha… but Joseph…. JOSEPH. It’s amazing that my books are now sitting on bookshelves and not performing CPR on this laptop!

And school… the cycle reconvenes on MONDAY. Though Spring is just as busy credit wise (well 17 instead of 18 credits!) I’m looking forward to packing the classes into three days and having Tuesdays and Fridays off. I’m also excited to work at the aclu , I’m hoping I’ll do good work there and that it will lead to other opportunities. I was going to work at the aclu in the fall but because I wanted to try out for moot court competitions I delayed until spring. I’m sure they’ll ask me “so did you make it”…. its going to be hard to say.. … no…. ah well.

Eid is Tuesday. If you were considering doing the qurbani overseas I found this website where I sent my donation to. They also send to Pakistan. I know some people believe that you must do qurbani locally… I’ve done that before but I personally prefer donating overseas where to me the need seems a matter of life or death like it is right now for the homeless and starving in Pakistan.

15 thoughts on “Recap”

  1. Ayesha! chalo good about the laptop… at least u get to have 2 days off per work… my uni is a jail 😦 i only get sundays off… how long till u become a lawyer and we can sue them for **chid** labour πŸ˜€


  2. Wow, “Man on Fire” it really Rocked. I agree with your Donation rather than Qurbani. Few people oppose it but Most of people agree on it accordin’ to Islamic Law.I hope you ‘re doin’ good. Do visit my blog.God bless you…..


  3. Sohni! Only Sundays? What about Fridays for jummah? Not right at all! 😦 lol @ child labor:)Boxin Champ, I’m with you on the donation thing. btw- did you watch pinjar. how’d you like it.


  4. Fun with Dick and Jane was HILARIOUS! Yes, the reviews were terrible, but come on, their kid, who has a spanish nanny, has a spanish accent! how funny is that!Eid Mubarak in advance πŸ™‚


  5. I am going to get Pilot’s Wife and Jinnah based on your post and a couple of other recommendations. Our Eid is on Wednesday here. Eid Mubarak to you too.


  6. VOX. they might be old movies? Sci Fi? I never heard of the movies you mentione. I’ll have to check them on rotten tomatoes site.Shabs, I knew you’d understand! πŸ™‚ If only you lived here you could come with me πŸ™‚Mezba, Pilot’s wife is entertaining. Like a movie. Don’t expect depth:) Though I do admit Muslims may do a double take towards the end of the book….. if you read it let me know what you think of that. Jinnah is great and actually I had a question for you about that…. but I’ll check if you have an email address on your site and just email you… Karen Armstrong is a former nun who writes about religion in general. I think she’s great to get unbiased perspectives on other religions.Eid Mubarak!


  7. Aisha! I liked “Pinjar”. it was real Touchy stuff. It highlighted a fact that still there ‘re alot issues we need to care about. These days I’m in Pakistan but I spent my childhood ‘n’ 24 years of my life in US ‘n’ I’ve traveled many of the countries all over the world. Women bein’ treated Badly, this issue is every where. I ‘ve been workin’ for a Social Research Institute in NY ‘n’ I found Thousands ‘n’ Thousands of cases from all 50 states of Voilance where women ‘re treated at worst. So I think it’s not just Indian problem, this problem is Gender problem ‘n’ it still exists in every part of the world in different forms. I hope you ‘re doin’ good. HAPPY EID.God bless you…..


  8. Boxin Champ, I’m glad you got to watch the movie. Didnt it just break your heart when she escaped and what happened to her? I understood the other perspective but its still not right. I agree there is a subjucation of some women to some degree in the US but I think the problem in third world countries, among the poor, is a much more critical situation because they have NO way out. There is no police that will listen, there is no welfare to get on if they escape, there is no loan to go to school. They have no choice to but to remain their circumstances. Your work sounds very fascinating… hopefully you’ll share your experiences on your blog.


  9. Aisha I just got my copy of Pinjar… and let me tell you it was not easy! I look forward to watching it tomorrow night (hopefully). I thought that was a great idea about doing the qurbani overseas. I talked to my aunt about it and she agreed so we followed your lead. Thanks!As for the movies… hated Hidalgo although the horses were beautiful. To me they were the best part of the movie. Man on Fire could have been better.. Dakota gives me the creeps like she’s been here before.


  10. Mia.. wow you got the movie huh? I’m so honored that you would check it out based on my recommendation. I will be DYING to know what you thougth about it. Could you please email me? Maybe we could chat about it?Btw- forgive me if this is rude… I had no idea you were Muslim until you mentioned your qurbani overseas…. Eid Mubarak to you!


  11. Eid Mubarak to us all!! lolI told several friends about it and they have asked me to wait until this weekend when we all get together to watch it. They want to see it too! As soon as we’re done I will be hitting you up via email to discuss it. I’m thinking I can probably do a paper on it next term.


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