Captain Obvious reporting live!

Breaking News: Bush Acknowledges Approving Eavesdropping. Senate- stunned! Country- appalled! What did you think the Patriot Act was? Brave New World meet 1984. Seeing as no one minds “Big Brother’s” watchful eye… spying will continue.

18 thoughts on “Captain Obvious reporting live!”

  1. For the record, it is ILLEGAL to wiretap without a court order. This is an impeachable offense. How long will the public look the other way? How much more freedom are we willing to sacrifice in the name of “security”? In the words of Bob Marley, “Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights.” We have more to fear from our own government than we do from the terrorists.


  2. Why you guys are surprized. We all knew that phone calls, emails, web pages, blogs were getting scanned. It was official in 2002 to go and knock on arabs and muslims houses. If they can knock on door you think your phone calls, emails, bank account are not scanned. Comon guys !! you guys are not that naive !!!!But I have great faith on this country’s justice system. If he did something wrong, law will sooner or later get him. That what make this country great that even president is not beyond law.


  3. Yes, it sounds horrible. The government spying on us via an executive order. Sounds horrible. While most of my American friends are shocked by this and are downright mad at this. I remind them that they are for the first time hearing about this officially; I’ve known for the past fifteen years that the United States spys on its own people who are ‘dangerous’ to national security. Remember, when you do hear a messager from our government as a private citizen; it’s very diluted. Just image of what else the government doesn’t tell you about their spy network? I’ve lived with this fact for so many years…


  4. Freedom does not disappear at once. You don’t wake up one fine day and go, “Oh s*** I am not free today.” It goes by a trickle. Today we have lost some freedom. The next generation will always think these activities are normal. And they lose a few more.


  5. Jane, EXACTLY, stand up for your rights. Right now the Senate is mulling whether or not to let the Patriot Act expire. We need to contact our senators and let them know what we think.Mystic. I believe in justice. whether in this world or the next, there is justice.Aamina.. I dont have your new number… after Wednesday I’ll email you:)GSJ: Yes, thats why I titled my blog “Captain Obvious”… like.. What kind of a news flash ais this? I thought after 9/11 we all knew this…. go figure. People need to lay off the reality TV and do some seriously contemplation if this was news for them.Mezba. What you said is so true. Therefore, so chilling.


  6. It is worrisome. That’s probably not a strong enough word but I’ve heard the quote before and the quote is a good reminder to those of who feel, “Well, whatever. It doesn’t affect me.” … What exactly can people do to stop it though?


  7. Tee… I linked the website to contact your congressperson on the poem. http://www.house.gov/writerep/ Local reps really do care what we have to say. They want to get re-elected afterall.I think people think this only affects the “evil doers”… but it affects many innocent people too…Until you’re stopped at an airport and searched and looked at with the eyes of “you’re guilty until proven innocent” Until you feel the ramifications of the Patriot Act.. its hard to understand why things like this are frustrating to say the least.There was a comedian who said “Black people say, a black man can never get a fair trial in America…. Muslims.. we can’t even GET a trial in America”I love my country and I want it to not back away from the values I cherish, the values that give me pride to be an American.


  8. After 9/11 I went through confusion and shock like every muslim but overtime I realized I choose this country for me and my generations as homeland for a reason and I will speak out as not speaking will do more harm to the great values and freedom of this country.


  9. The Honorable Bob Etheridge,“The actions of President George W. Bush, and his administration must not stand. We will not have the liberties our fathers and forefathers earned with Patriot blood, usurped by potentates and dictators, and we will not have them trampled by a domestic President.“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin.You are my elected voice, you hold the office designed by our Founding Fathers to protect the rights of average citizens in perpetuity. Do not degrade this office, the sacrifice of Patriots, and my childrens future. Do not avoid or shirk you solemn duty, to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States from enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC. You are called upon now, from the echoes of the ages, to exercise that which is your charge.You must do your duty, Sir, and these usurpation must never be excused, or allowed to stand. They must be forced into the light of freedom, and prosecuted with utmost vigor. Yours,”Thank you for the link Aisha, the above is my voice to my Representative.


  10. “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin.I couldn’t agree with this more. You know what I hate? DUI checkpoints. And undercover police officers, airport security, and surveillance cameras! Damn tyrants are taking away my liberty!Okay, so I’m being sarcastic, but isn’t the basic idea of society that we each give up a little liberty in order to gain a greater collective security? People are making a big deal about this revelation, but what about the other liberties they sacrifice in order to gain security?


  11. if they’re listening with warrants its a different story. listening on me in the privacy of my home is big brother behavior. its not right and its not a lierty i want to give up.


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