By George I think she’s got it!

Prepping for my 9:00am exam I am reviewing some multiple choice questions I worked on back in August. I remember the first time I worked through these problems feeling absolutely frustrated. I remember saying “The book is WRONG!” because the explanations made NO SENSE. This time I sat down and did them and I was amazed at how much easier the material was. Ofcourse you go to school to learn but I was amazed by how much I did learn. August this book could have been written in Portugeese for all the good it did me… and now I understand. That is the beauty of learning. You open your mind to something that once seemed completely beyond your realm of comprehension. I felt like my own student… one I was beginning to give up on… who finally got it. I was so proud of me right then! πŸ™‚

Wow this sounds like a public service announcement…. *So remember kids, be cool! Stay in school!” …. I promise I’ll be more interesting once exams finish. Really!

Message to my computer: in the words of Jewel: These foolish games are tearing me apart. Your thoughtless ways are breaking my heart… they’re breaking my heart. Sometimes you charge… sometimes you don’t…. I accept I can’t take exams with you but at least stay on long enough so I can print something out!!! You are *THIS* close to meeting the same fate as the printer from office space!

18 thoughts on “By George I think she’s got it!”

  1. you should give the book some credit by mentioning it’s name πŸ™‚ I don’t even know what kind of book you’re talking about (perhaps mathematics)I mean you’re saying how great the book is and how it helped you and made sense .. but WHAT BOOK?You don’t even tell us what exam you have at 9:00 am .. physics? chemistry? or perhaps .. i dunno women in society?the post is poorly written when it comes to details .. I understand your mind is in different places right now, so I guess it’s ok


  2. Nabeel the 12/02 post tells you what exam i’m taking. The point of the post really wasn’t to extoll the virtues of the book but merely my relief that concepts i was learning finally clicked. A simple glance at my profile would show you I’m a law student.Since you are clearly fascinated the book is: Glannon’s guide to civil procedure trhough multiple choice analysis.


  3. Lol @ office space comment. I still have my old desktop from 5 years ago running Windows 98 (gave it to my kid brother for his ‘projects’) but all my friends have had issues with their laptops, especially Dell.


  4. Mommyblogr: hahaha yeah, Genius.. yeah dunno about that but thanks for the vote of confidence! πŸ™‚ And its not what did *I* do to the computer… its what did the *computer do to *me* 😦Masti πŸ™‚ no really the computerAli- I dunno… its a battery problem we’re hoping… Best buy has one ordered which hopefully will get here before my next exam which is 3 hour essay… 😦Baji: πŸ™‚ I’m glad you were able to expereince the joy of office space. I’m a pretty normal person but I am a groupie for Office Space … hmm if one can be a groupie of a movie that is.. Ii’d be a groupie.. I love it.Mezba mine is Gateway not Dell but i’ve heard Dell gives issues. I think laptops in general are flakier than desktops.Jane: Thanks for checking in πŸ™‚ Laptop did not behave. currently it is charging by some careful maneuvering and the invovlement of six law text books surrouinding it for proper charging balance….. its frustrating. The exam went fine I guess… we’re garded on a curve so as long as I did better than everyone else it should be fine.


  5. Hey Nadia! I’ve been thinking of you. Didnt want to call you b/c I knew you’re probably busy (hmm me too!) πŸ™‚ I hope they’re going well. And yes It’s going to get a Samir-stle mafia beat down soon:) PS: THE CHARGER WONT COME TILL THE 21st!!!! The day my last take home is due…. Gotta love it.


  6. But given the “By George ..” post, you have to agree that it’s incomplete (lacking information) .. let’s say the 12/02 post was perhaps a 05/02/2002 post .. would you still refer me ot that post to get information?I agree, the post wasn’t to praise or to EXTOL (with one L) the book and what a great asset it has proven to be .. but still I think (u know i’m right) that readers (your audience) would have better understood your post if there was a mention or even a hint of the book or the subject in question.πŸ™‚ .. the book name or the subject (for informative purposes only) is an important piece of information you are overlooking here the way .. do you see the humor in this post and also in the book?


  7. Nabeel, I bow in defeat. Though the 12/02 post was NOT in May you’re right it was incomplete. Most ppl who read my blog know what i’m talking about though so I didnt realize explanation may be neeeded. I concede πŸ™‚The humor? I don’t think my post was meant to be a serious lifetime drama… It is what it is… a lighthearted reflection.


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