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Because fate is cruel

Exams begin Monday. My laptop wont charge. It takes two weeks to fix. I type faster than I write. Lovely.

*Humera thanks for offering to mail your laptop. Friends like you are a blessing. Currently the computer dance seems to be working… let it last!*

22 thoughts on “Because fate is cruel”

  1. Y wont it charge? Bad battery? I type faster (also much neater)than I write. Sometimes I type so fast that brain hasnt had a chance to catch up and I miss words in sentences! 8-)) Peace.


  2. Nooooo! That bites. Ugh. I like you, type faster than I write. What’s worse is, I can’t READ what I write, lol. Can’t you get a loner from the place that is repairing it? Gosh, I hope so.Good luck Monday.


  3. Thanks for your well wishes all. Shabs you can obviously tell i’m no goo with picking a laptop… so no ont know where a good one would beIt would be nice to borrow… a little late now….it works on and off currently its about to die, if i sit and hold it and say sweet nothings for about forty minutes then it might start charging. I’m not sure what the deal is… its very frustrating b/c i handwrote a practice test and there is a huge difference in the clarity and organization of my writing via typing/handwriting.


  4. True, true. Didn’t consider that. Just a heads up, I don’t live close to any ocean at all. In fact, I’m as far away from the ocean as you can get. I do, however, live right next to a big lake – lake michigan. My university is on Chicago’s north shore and takes up a significant portion of it via a ‘lakefill.’ Can you guess where I am? πŸ˜›


  5. Laptops suck.Im using one now and feel like throwing it against the wall and smashing it to itsy-bitsy pieces followed by screaming and rolling on the floor, and a congratulatory dance after maybe?Im gonna go to bed now


  6. Aisha,Two thoughts. If needs be I can look at the laptop and possibly fix it….that is if it is fixable. I used to do that type of repair in another life.If that doesn’t work, I have multiple laptops and I’d be happy to lend you one until your exams are over. Just let me know.


  7. GSJ: hmmmmm….. UTAH? Just kidding:) That’s cool you live in one of my favorite cities. I used to live in Lansing MI and felt like a bird released from a cage when we went Chi-town.(Even in January!)Kashmiri: wow I didnt mean to stir up bad memories for you:) Yes laptops stink. I’m sorry you have the same experiences 😦ASH: I wish I knew you were a computer expert! Ahhhh well it kind of works now if I hold it in a certain position and yadda yadda so hopefully it’ll work tonight. Best Buy said it seems to be a battery issue and they’re ordering a new one…. Is that something you could fix? A battery? Thank you so much for offering to loan a laptop. Honestly I would have called around to borrow one b/c I’m sure someone in our group couldve loaned one for a day here and there but I have certain software downloaded for the exam. It’s too late to download it on to anyone else’s the computer has a policy about that. Thjat’s why I coulnt borrow a laptop. Thank you though I really appreciate it.Masti- *very confused*Baji- thanks πŸ™‚


  8. Thanks FM…LOL… so instead of me burning out the poor computer burnt out. lol. 😦 Now instead of feeling sorry for it i feel i’ve misunderstood it… such a range of emotions for a computer:)It worked for the exam! whoo hoo!! πŸ™‚ONE DOWN….. five more to go… *sigh*


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