Just Five Weeks Ago…

“Five weeks ago, an earthquake struck Pakistan, and then the event seemed to disappear. It disappeared from our newspapers, from our television screens and from our minds. Perhaps it was just one natural disaster too many this year. But here’s the aftershock: the situation in Pakistan is worsening by the day. The death toll continues to rise and is now close to 90,000. Three million people are still living without shelter and a harsh winter is weeks away. The United Nations says conditions in Pakistan are worse than after the tsunami and it is the biggest humanitarian nightmare the UN has ever dealt with.”

One of our friends leaves for Pakistan soon. He is going to help with distributing prosthetic limbs to those who’ve lost their limbs. God speed, God bless. May we continue to give, give and give.

14 thoughts on “Just Five Weeks Ago…”

  1. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling absolute fear for the people in Pakistan. I just don’t know what to do. I am just so thankful for those that have gone and helped. Pray and send more money, I guess.


  2. I’s ashamed to say that I was not completely aware of the situation over there. 😦 It’s very disturbing to here but I am thankful for and grateful to all those that go to help. I will continue to pray!


  3. i thought about that all weekend long, since i read that UN just got US$45 millions and it needs US$500 millions to help them out. it is so sad and it seems so hopeless now… last night I post the same subject!take care


  4. I think it’s true it may be out of the news due to so many disasters that have happened since then. But you and the many who are still helping raise funds and donating neccessary materials are proof that the people have not been forgotten. Thanks for reminding us all.


  5. I agree Baji. It’s so hard to just watch and nothing you can do. You can give money but you are never sure if your money is going to the right place. When I saw the doctors on 60minutes (link) I never wanted to be a doctor so badly. They showed a little boy whose eyes were rolled up and appeared dead or camatose, they inserted a iv with water and in seconds he began to cry and come back to life. It was the most moving thing I’ve EVER seen….. just reminded me how helpless, vulnerable and mortal we are.


  6. This seems to happen with everything in the news. We sit in our comfortable living rooms and soon become “bored” with more news on the same event, and so they move on… If we couldn’t distance ourselves from the affected people the way we do, I’m sure it would be different. People’s lives changed forever… but we change the channel.I saw a small report from a tent city in Pakistan. It was on Eid and it was a family – a mother, father, 2 sons – but one son had been killed. The mother would try to talk but would soon lose her composure and begin weeping, covering her face with her hijab. She said that Eid is a time to feel happy, but she does not feel like celebrating this year. A reporter said that they are some of the lucky ones. They had a tent. The weather is getting colder and so many are still without the most basic shelter… When they gave out bags of rice, some spilled into the dirt. It wasn’t wasted. It was gathered up, dirt and rice, people swept it into their hands and was carried back to their camp.I was really touched and saddened by this scene. All these people sitting about, mourning, wondering “what now?”


  7. It is important to point out that the person you mention who is delivering the prosthetics is going at a time when his mother is having major health problems. May God bless him for his work as well as help his family.


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