Happy 1000!!!!

Wow! Today was my 1,000th comment! The 1000th commentor was : *drum roll*: “Hasan the not so great” 🙂 Yay! Some of you know me in my daily life, others this is a way for us to keep in touch, but a completely unexpected benefit is opening my eyes to all of you who I would never have otherwise known. Thanks for all your reflections, comments and advice I’ve learned so much from so many of you…. Thanks for stopping by, for reading, and for letting me peek in to your world as well.

19 thoughts on “Happy 1000!!!!”

  1. Can you hear me? I’m singing. Not really sure what song it called for at this type of celebration, but I’m singing none the less.I don’t remember how I found your site but I remember the first post I read what about you not teaching any longer. I have enjoyed your blog and will continue to add to your comment count.:):)


  2. Aisha, LOL! For Honey it was. No. HNT is for Half Nekkid Thursday. Some of the other blogs that I read do it and I thought I’d try. You are suppose to take a snipit of a picture OR or the whole thing and post it. It is to show some skin, some are WAY to much for me, mine will always be PG, PG13 at the most. It has to be of someone you know like Hubby, kids, self, friends, etc. I was convinced by a friend to try it and so I did. We’ll see how it goes. I swear, I’m such a blogging sheep, lol!Have a great day. Oh, btw, when your done with the balloons my kids want them. :):)


  3. We’re so blessed to have this outlet to freely express our thoughts and opinions with each other without fear of being killed for it. I try to remember that every single time I post.


  4. So is it “alaf laila” now ?(Alaf laila in arabic means tale of thousand nights) I found blog world a metaphysical way of reaching other humans inner world !!. Very interesting and exciting world.


  5. Hey all!!! Thanks:) Shabs, well I went through each and every month that i posted and tallied up all my comments.. haha no just kidding. I may be up for distractions when i study but I’m not that bad! 🙂 My email has a seperate folder for my blog comments and the folder’s top right hand side tells me the #


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