Comittee Of One

Paul Findley stated in his book “Silent No More” (and I’m completely paraphrasing) that because people sometime have a really hard time organizing and get caught up in beaurocracy and trying to be the chief, that we should instead join a comittee of one. (on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days). Simply stated, you should just figure out something that needs to be done and just do it. Imagine how different the world would be if we could pick one thing, perhaps small, that needs doing and just do it? Around that time the Eid Stamp had just been introduced… An Eid stamp may not seem like a big deal. But it is. It was hard fought for and granted with the effort of hundreds of people campaigning for years. The stamp symbolizes our place in this country. Just like Hannukah and Christmas stamps. But the struggle didn’t end with simply getting our own stamp. If the sales didn’t reach a certain quota for two years it would be discontinued. Thus my father found his comitte of one. He purchased stamps. Used science project boards to create advertisements and when he went to conventions or prayers, he brought his board and stamps with him. Some were uninterested, some suspicious “How much profit are you making?” He did not make a profit. In actuality these people could themselves go online or to the postoffice and buy themselves the stamps, but alas, the way wetalk and the way we implement in action are often contradictory. His goal was 1,000 stamps….to date its 38,000 stamps… and counting.

Anyways, hehe, I was a little bad myelf because my brothers birthdays were coming up (October 21/22) and so in a rush I bought their cards but when it came to mail them I searched and searched frantically but realized that I was OUT OF EID STAMPS. Knowing these card were heading home I knew my dad would certainly notice the fact that I used the most generic stamp available…. Hmm.. judging from the letter I got in the mail this evening… I do believe I was right: (it states: Aisha ye Kya hain? translated: Aisha what is this?) along with a book of stamps! This cracked me up, and I just had to share the story. Thanks Abu jee for trying to help save the Eid Stamp. If you’d like to support the Eid Stamp click here.

14 thoughts on “Comittee Of One”

  1. How funny! Your Dad sounds like quite a guy. Good for him. You, you bad girl using generic stamps. What I think is that you really just wanted to get a free book of stamps, LOL!!Great post. I’ll think of your Dad when I see those stamps.


  2. Thanks Jane! It has actually reached the number of stamps it needed to survive because its been over two years now and its still around.Momyblogr, thanks! 🙂 LOL, yeah it could be my passive agressive way of getting some free stamps, lol 🙂 But if you think of all the cute stamps out there, you really should take advantage. Some are downright works of art.


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