It didn’t work out…

They posted the name of the moot court candidates. Not me. It happens. I’m sad. Rejection hurts. I worked hard and it didn’t work out. Will I succeed. Was I meant to be a lawyer….. law school is a struggle.. i’m passionate about reading, writing, teaching.. times like these i wonder why i’m in lawschool to begin with… to help people.. but.. could do that in so many other ways too….. is this telling me something? Oh well.

11 thoughts on “It didn’t work out…”

  1. We all question our choices,especially when we go through what you just did. Don’t take it too hard it just wasn’t your time but rest assured your time is coming. I minor in law and major in Forensic Psychology and there were times I was full of self-doubt as well. Just remember why you’re in help’s what gets me through my grueling classes…lol


  2. A setback is exactly that. A chance to reassess the course you took. A chance to reassess the actions you took that led to the setback. Analyze it well, and when the next opportunity presents itself you will be much stronger and able to succeed.


  3. Thanks Mia.Ash. wow, you just made me look at this differently. I was taking this as a setback and thus a chance to reassess the course I took. (i.e. the course of action to go to law school).. but instead I can look it at a bit more narrowly and see what did I do with this particular situation that hindered my success?… that is a much more positive way to look at it.


  4. I’m sorry that things did not go as you might have hoped. You know my life has been quite rocky lately and Jd keeps telling me that “Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see it at the time.” My best to you.


  5. Aik mashwara dun !!Agar apne Law school ke bare main ‘confuse’ ho to ISTIKHARA ker lo.Koi likha bandha qaanoon nahi..koi likhi bandi dua bhi nahi..bus sachhi niyyat se dua mango aur so jao. Uthne pe dil jawab de dega.Istikhare ki aik generic Dua bhi mojud hai…chahe to woh parh lo. lurki..jis raaste ka dil na pe chalte jana kiya phal dega !!Wese mera mashwara hai…Law ki degree to le lo…tumhare nahi to dusron ke kahin na kahin kaam aa jaaye gi. Is mulk main musalmanoN ke paas kami hai to lawyers ki.Aage yaara jo tera dil kare…


  6. Jane, i agree. It’s just one of those moments that make you question things. But you keep going. Certailny wont stop now.Mystic, thanks for the advice and for the link. I’m already halfway done with law school now so I certainly am not going to stop now. I’m going to finish and then figure out what my next step is. Isthikhara is good, but at this point I’m not sure what I’m asking for since I am already in lwa school and insh’allah want to finish what I started.


  7. it happens. remember that chinese guy who was singing ricky martin songs on american idol. Someone asked him if engineering came easier to him and he said “everything in my life right now is pretty much a struggle”.


  8. I also think you have less experience with legal related stuff, as opposed to maybe teaching – although you have aptitudes you can draw on like reading, writing, and understanding things. So you just have to work on the areas you need to and draw upon your strenghts.


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