Random Update

T-shirts for sale at this website. Thanks Baraka for sharing this link. This site sells t-shirts and the comissions go towards earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan. The proceeds go to the Edhi foundation. From my research I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and his good words to better humanity.

My trial for Alice Adaze is ending soon. I’m trying out for Moot Court. In law school you either try for law review or moot court. Getting one or the other (or both) makes employers happy. I really wanted to do law review but my schedule ruled it out. So moot court it was. I wrote a brief and appealed before three “judges” the plight of my “client” Alice Adaze. She donated to a charity that turned out to have ties to terrorism (Am I breaching lawyer-client confidentiality if she doesnt actually exist? :/). Last week I defended her, this Saturday I must argue against her. Sorry Alice, no hard feelings.

I’m hosting an iftaar Saturday. Same day of my moot court argument. Catering rocks! Let’s see how much time that actually saves. My rationale was that after moot court I will have no energy to study anyways….. ***Disclaimer*** the picture of samosas looked nice and representative of iftaar, however no samosas will be served, I repeat no samosas will be served. πŸ™‚

My friend humera did an externship for med school here and leaves Sunday. I’ve had so much fun but it sucks that she’s leaving. Since college I’ve never had a friend nearby that I could just call up and hang out with….. forgot how nice that was. (Yes, I hang out and go shopping with my husband, but it’s different when you’re shopping with a fellow female!) We’ve known one another for ten years now and back then I may not have appreciated just how rare a good friend is, but now that I’m slightly older, and a teeny bit wiser I realize it’s value. It’s good because I appreciate it. It’s sad because I’ll miss it.

I have exams very soon. In Law School you only get one exam per class. That’s it. One subjective essay and they will judge the material. I don’t like it. But it is how it is. My studying will be upped considerably for the next few weeks. I plan to continue posting as blogging is a creative outlet that I need after hours of reading case books… But I hope that I can maintain the focus I need to do well. A lot rides on just a few exams. Insh’allah I’ll do okay.

20 thoughts on “Random Update”

  1. Friends. They are very hard to find and even harder to keep at times. My best friend and I have been just that “best friends” for nearly 18 years. The strangest part of that is, for a good portion of that time we where on opposite sides of the country. Her the west me the east. Now we see eachother several time a month (because she travels) but it’s like no time passed at all. I hope you both can stay connected and in touch.Good luck with your exams and have a great time hosting your party.


  2. Mommyblgr: I’m glad you can relate, we all need a friend like that. Hasan: thanks for the luck, i need it!Raheel: samosas are fattening! plus they’re high in cholestorol!:) There’ll be rooh afhza and fruit chaat though for the iftaar feeling! πŸ™‚


  3. Just to let you know, I had an EXCELLENT lecture this week by a lawyer who works in medical malpractice. It’s awesome because her credentials state, “RN,BSN,Esq”. Her background is nursing and she incorporates it into her daily practice as a lawyer.I thought of you when she was lecturing. She taught us the basics of law and how medical malpractice fits in. Very interesting and insightful lecture!


  4. …..and I was sooo looking forward to the samosas. Sorry about your friend….although I would point out that you have plenty of women friends who live nearby who would love to get to know you better and shop with you. I can think of one that I happen to know very well.You will kill yourself studying, but I have absolutely no doubt that you will do well.


  5. yes Alan I do have plenty of female friends in the Atlanta area alhamdullilah. I am certainly not going to lose site of my blessings to have good friends nearby. But I’m sure you can relate with your friend Sarwar… there’s just a special place that a long time friend has in your heart. I guess you just know the other person so well they’re family. I guess thats the best way to explain it.Thanks for wishing me luck. I hope I make it.


  6. Thanks FM,Hey Christina, thanks for stopping by:) That’s cool that you thought of me with the lawyer, don’t owrry i wont be an evil malpractice lawyer, promise! πŸ˜‰


  7. The shirts to raise money is an aweseom idea.Your “client’s” case sounds very interesting! Did you make that up yourself? Could be a good episode of one of those popular law shows. πŸ™‚I’m getting jealous of these Iftaar parties I keep hearing people mention. What are you celebrating? I LOOOOOOOVE samosas. Oh my gosh. That picture is going to kill me.Your friend looks so nice – that’s so sad that she’s leaving… Maybe that’s why I avoid making real life friends. It seems like everytime I see people become best friends circumstances arise and they’re seperated 😦Good luck on your exams!


  8. Good luck with exams!You should ALWAYS serve samosas when hosting and iftaar party! Its really the way to go. Have fun cleaning up after people. It really is the BESTEST part out of the entire party, trust me.


  9. Thanks Aamina… you like cleaning up after people? Hmm, think you can swing by for the iftaar too? πŸ˜‰Tee, we’re fasting this month (as I’m sure you know) so when we open our fast we love to be with other people and enjoy it together. Kind of like a celeberation of eating… eh… i’m sure that can be worded better, but oh well:). I didn’t pick the topic that I am arguing. But it was a very intriguing topic so I couldn’t resist signing up to argue.


  10. i posted this under anonymous b/c i don’t want to set up an account. i realized that even though we’ve known eachother for 10+ years, we’ve probably lived in the same city for maybe 3. so for the past 7 years we’ve stayed friends by talking on the phone and instant messenger. which i think part of the reason why it was so awesome being in the same city again. i think a larger part of it is the fact that i’m so awesome (or asim). i miss you already. inshallah i’ll be spending more time in atlanta.


  11. humera! πŸ™‚ i never thought about it but you’re right this is the first time we’ve hung out on a rgular basis since highschool… we still got it! ;)… (PS: Thanks for the desperate housewives update… very upset about Bree)


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