The Devil really does wear Prada

It’s the title of a book but it’s true. I speak of my ex-boss. And yes she really does wear Prada, and yes, she really is the devil, or an agent thereof. Here’s a sample. Just as memory began fading, I learned of the sad new happenings at my former job….

Our PE teacher, of 12 years- quit. No two week notice. No other job. Single mother. I was stunned. I knew “Ms. Prada” frustrated her as she did everyone… but she needed that job….To make it worse, if you quit mid-year, the school board can revoke your teaching certificate, and you are blacklisted from ever teaching again in all nearby counties….

Even more tragic, last week, our custodian who half jokingly complained, “that woman is gonna give me a heart attack.” Actually had a heart attack at the school and passed away.The second one to have a heart attack at this school under her watch.

She was the scary kind of evil… because you never knew when it was coming… She could come into your classroom and announce “your teacher is not teaching you correctly”… told the staff “Like God commands woman to obey man, so you shall obey your boss”… the type that would suspend a mentally challenged child because he giggled outloud on award day… interrupting her speech….. and then during the staff meeting, mocked him! Who wouldn’t get the AC fixed and yelled at us for being ungrateful. And screamed at us as icestorms brewed outside and we wore layers because we had no heat…Who announce reprimands to teachers on the intercom “Ms. Brown’s class was awful today and had the lowest math scores”… tell me, why would you leave ? If you watch Desperate Houswives, Lynette’s boss, Nina IS my boss! She like Nina, told our PE teacher, “Your son’s daycare won’t cover you till 6pm tonight… so? What about the people who choose not to have kids? It’s not fair, you better figure out what to do”… people may think Nina is a caricature, but I tell you today, she is no legend, she is no myth, she is very very real. And she wears Prada.

16 thoughts on “The Devil really does wear Prada”

  1. My guess is that she is covering for very real personal issues somewhere else. I have noted that those folks that are the most control-happy and egotistical are the ones that due to some nastiness early in life have major self-esteem issues. They always have to be successful, demanding, and even outright nasty in order to prove to themselves that they are “successful”. In other words, they are in competition with themselves everyday. It is really very sad.But for every bad action she committs it is recorded and she will see it again one day.


  2. O.M.G. You KNOW my Mother-In-Law? I had NO idea she even had a degree,never mind having the principalship of a school. The only thing that is throwing me off is, she doesn’t were Prada’s. She is more of a sneaker wearing agent, lol!!


  3. That’s outrageous. She sounds like a vengeful type that would be in some other institution besides a school. Maybe you could anonymously complain to the school board since complaining to her directly will be ignored or met with revenge. You are in a perfect position since you left…but I wouldnt want them to identify you and take it out on you.


  4. Hi Aisha, I saw that you posted a comment on my blog, so thought I’d leave you one back. Your ex-boss sounds heinous! Maybe you should (anonymously) send her a copy of that book. BTW, I love that cartoon about the AC. My office is exactly like that! I may have to copy it:)


  5. Wow about the boss. I didn’t know people like that actually existed!About the cartoon, LOL. There was a recent WSJ article that said in China, freeezing offices are considered “high-class.” It was so funny, even though it was like 80 degrees outside, all the workers in one building had mini heaters in their desks! Brrrr


  6. I have had my share of nasty bosses….all male though. The one female boss I had acted like a man so I’m not sure it counts. Depending on the personality there are ways of dealing with them…..but that doesn’t make the work environment any more pleasant.


  7. I agree emory she’s dangerously unqualified. Shabina, its funny b/c i used to tell my hubby stories about her and he never believed till he went to the school to visit and heard her over the intercom… its the schools like mine where these people come home to roost… sad sad sad.


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