One Week Later….

For the shattered spirits….
the poor ….

the cold….

the dearly departed…
and those hanging on….

for those who weep

and those who can’t fathom

I promise not to forget.
The ones in the midst are facing a test,
but we are facing a test too…
Watching their suffering and their pain
what will we do?
Look away? Watch? Do?
As the famous cliche states:
“To whom much is given, much is expected”
One week later as you drift from the media’s minds eye….
as though it’s all wrapping up…
not just beginning….
We will not forget.

19 thoughts on “One Week Later….”

  1. Samjh hi nahi aata, kahan se shuru karain. Kubhi lugta hai dil hi pathar ho gaya hai aur aansoo khusk ho gaye hain…aur phir dil kehta hai… ur ke wahan paunch jain ke shayed koi aik zindagi bacha lain, zara kisi ke kaam aa jain.ye kesi kafiyat hai, ye kesi bebasi hai(ooper se Aisha hai ke..rulaye jaati hai)


  2. BEAUTIFUL! We won’t forget, EVER. It all seems SO big and unreachable, what could we do. We remember, we pray, we hopfully show compassion and share what we have. It’s not enough, there is so much more to do. So many in need, that have had great loss. I feel very close to the whole thing and worlds away at the same time.


  3. Hey Aisha – hope you’re having a good weekend. The pictures are perhaps a much needed reminders of “akhirat”. Thank you for sharing. By the way, have you received my email?


  4. I was just talking to my bro about this last night. Sadly, most of us WILL forget – maybe all these people will still be in our prayers, but the horror of their situation will become distanced from us (more so than it already is). How to keep the empathy going?


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