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Yay, Baraka klukked me! (Icelandic for tagged…. think slam books if you had those in highschool, they were all the rage)… Well I’ve never been klukked/tagged before so I feel like I’ve been inducted into an honorary club… how solemn! πŸ™‚

So here are five random things about me! ** click on pics to enlarge**

My first week of teaching I called my second grade teacher, Ms. Nemoynten and thanked her. It’s funny because when she picked up the phone and said “hi this is me aisha … and I was in your second grade class and wanted to thank you”… and we had a pleasant conversation but now that I’ve taught for a few years I wonder if one of them called me randomly 15 years later if I’d know who they were with just a first and last name. I wonder now if she had no clue who was calling.

When I was 13
I wrote a novel and was quite proud of myself. I showed it to people who threw it back at me after reading it saying “you totally knocked off the movie Ghost” The funny thing was I had never seen the movie in my life. After seeing it I felt a sense of loss that I had come up at the age of 13 a multi-million dollar idea, too late! (Same thing happened again with different idea but similarly someone else wrote up what I was going to) Goes to show its not the idea one has but how quickly one acts upon it. With the world as populous
and diverse as it is, odds are someone might have the same idea as you.

I loved reading as a child but I have one not-so-pleasant memory. My little brother Ali wanted to play with me but I was engrossed in a book. He must have been 4 or 5 years old and he was literally begging me to play with him. And I ignored him and kept reading. He walked away so sad. I still remember that. I wish I’d played with him.

On our first anniversary Kashif and I climbed Grouse Mountain a.k.a. The Peak Of Vancouver. “It is an extremely steep and mountainous trail that climbs to 1,100 meters over a distance of 2.9 kilometres”. On an empty stomach. Yes, a mountain. With no food. When we went to Grouse mountain the information desk said it was a 30 minute walk up, so we figured, “why not?” ha. ha. ha.

I didn’t get to say Kabul Kabul Kabul on my wedding. All my life I wanted to say that. I watched movies and dramas where the dramatic moment arrives and the bride is asked “apko kabul hain” (Do you accept). (In pakistani culture when the bride gets married the imam asks the girl three times if she will accept the man to be her husband) Well our Imam did a 180 and said “will you let your dad take care of business” (I’m paraphrasing)… uh… I nodded kind of confused…. and then I vaguely recall him asking my dad if he’ll let me marry Kashif and then I was married! WHAT. oh well, alls well that ends well I guess though I wish “renewing vows” was a trend in desi culture.

The five people (and one for good luck) I hereby klukk are: Aamina, Ash, Huda, Nadia, Jane, and Eun Ha

18 thoughts on “Klukked!”

  1. u almost make me feel like wanting to be tagged-or klukked!lol!found my way here through Baraka’s…& how’s Kashif?i wonder how I’ll feel when i hit the big 3-0!lol!im sure he’s enjoying every minute of it,aye?!


  2. Aisha – I have the reaction I had a few days earlier. I am in my office. You write beatifully. Keep it up. This is one the first thing I look up in the morning.


  3. i loved reading your memories. very sweet, and i love the pictures! i did one of those “the hike will only take 30 mins”. 5 miles later i’m STILL trying to find my way out and back to my car. looks can be VERY deceiving! btw, i’m working on a posting for you called” my life as an office drone”…i should have it up by next week….what kind of 9-5 kind of stuff are you looking to hear about? if you want, give me some ideas of your biggest concerns in coming into the business workforce, or i’ll just post a day in the life of ruthie πŸ™‚


  4. i like ghost movie too , i watched it when i was 13 and i can tell that it is the best movie i have ever seen look very nice in your wedding , are you originally from pakistan?


  5. salams, yep, nilofer is my first cousin! man, i know everybody and their mama knows her in florida, but she knows people in hotlanta, too? that’s funny that I remind you of her, I’m going to tell her that. also, yes i know umbreen, another cool michigander, fo sho…


  6. Shabina, thanks!!! *blushing furiously*Saeed, thanks for stopping by, *aisha taps Saeed with the power of klukk* go forth and share five things about yourself!! πŸ™‚ (It’s never easy turning 30 I think)Ruthie so you feel my pain with the hike! IT was like blair witch but going up a never ending hill! (I want you to write as you want to, its’ your blog i wanted your perspective!)Sume, what could I do?? Say no, my dad will not do it for me and you WILL ask me three times if I accept… oh i couldnt be gossip fodder for months to come…. not for my folks sake. Roora, yes my parents moved here many years ago from Pakistan. I was born and raised here I am Muslim, American and Pakistani… I understand my roots will always be in Pakistan…


  7. I loved it! Wonderful pics too. And I wanted to say kabool hai all dramatically but it didn’t happen.BTW, we went off & had a twosome wedding just for ourselves barefoot on a beach so desi wedding renewal vows are definitely do-able! πŸ™‚Warmly,Baraka


  8. This is a good one! I liked it. I really understand the disappointment you felt after writing your story and finding out about Ghost…. This happend to me when I first had my first son. I invented a pacifier which medicine could be sucked out of (after finding how hard it is to give medicine to a baby)… Later I find it’s been invented!Beautiful wedding picture. I like this colorful version to the traditional Western idea of wearing white.


  9. Heya Aisha, you’re funny dude-dette. Well, not in the HA-HA big laughter but a subtle kind of humour – I loike! :pI’m not a teacher by profession but I do teach IT so, maybe I’m a teacher of sorts? I remember how I bumped into an old teacher and I sought forgiveness – u’know for all the “naughty” things I did. I think the teacher looked at me funnily but it did me a whole lot of good..Here’s a thought – maybe a prequel or sequel to GhOST?ps. Do you msn – I could transfer the e-book to ya.


  10. Aisha , it sounds nice , how people preserves their culture even though when they leave their home countries.My cousin in the States just got married to a Muslim – Pakistanian girl whom her parents roots are from pakistan and they moved to the states long time ago. when i saw their pictures in their engangemnet party, it was nice to see how people preserve their own customs and culture, maybe when i saw your pictures i remembered the similarity some how between both.


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