What we may lack in birthday candles we make up for in creativity….

(Kashif’s birthday cake from our trip to visit his folks)

Happy Birthday Kashif! Age- is just a state of mind. The age you feel is your age you’ll find. I’m lucky to be married to someone so kind. *it’s official: the paper i’m writing has fried my brain :-)*. You are as old as you feel. Smile. Enjoy your life. Remember your blessings because you are one of mine. And I look forward to many more birthdays together. Insh’allah.

27 thoughts on “What we may lack in birthday candles we make up for in creativity….”

  1. Happy Birthday Kashif !! (though I don’t know you and you don’t know me !! but from Aisha’s blog I can tell that you ar a good person and I believe you both are lucky to have each other)There is old dua in desi culture:“Tum Jiyo Hazar Baras. Har Baras Ke Din Hon Pachas Hazar.”Khush raho, abad raho aur muskurate raho. – aameen


  2. i love, love chocolate cake! mmmsounds like you two are a great couple. i really enjoy your blog! thanks so much for stopping over at mine!ramadan mubarak!


  3. Thanks for the nice blog and comments…it definitely helps to have a loving wife to grow old with. Its interesting also that it is Ramadan now and I was born in Ramadan….how time flies. They say time goes faster when your having fun…I guess these past 30 years of my life I was having a blast.


  4. Happy Birthday Kashef it is very sweet Aisha , your words, and how much you are loving to your husband and appreciating , it is a bless Indeed , esnhaaAllah be together forever …


  5. LOL Tee, no, that’s not our custom to put big fat house candles on a cake. We bought the cake and found out we didn’t have birthday candles so we improvised :).


  6. UNCLE Kashif …you’re getting OLD… OLD OLD OLD…. Just kidding bro…Aisha is right. You are as young as you feel or want to believe. Just remember you dont have to tell anyone you are more than 26 πŸ™‚ InshaAllah may Allah bless you and Aisha with many many many more happy birthdays and Ramadans! AMEENfs


  7. Happy Birthday Kash-if!!Yummy Cake.Tell him that he betta not say kash/if mein jawaan hota. I also have grey hairs in the age of 19 but still I am young at heart lolz πŸ™‚


  8. Aisha, this post made me feel unfortunately old, I am 26 and I am turning 27 inshaaAllah and the point is that I feel that I am young , not a child , but yes i feel like what you said “The age you feel is your age you’ll find.” the point is when you posted that for kashef, I said to myself he must be really old πŸ™‚ , not older than me by 3 or 4 years πŸ™‚


  9. Sorry, Aisha. The candle holder is beautiful. I just never saw one like that on a birthday cake is all. And by the way Roora and Aisha, wait until you’re my age. Then you’ll realize how young you really are right now.


  10. I am guessing that our poor Kashif hit the next decade and its frightening. MUWAHAHAHAH. Wait, who am I laughing at. Yeah, that’s going to be me soon enough. So I better do a dua too. OK Kashif, you have a wonderful wife, and may you continue having a blessed life. I’ve always found a person of good character and who does good things with their education ages very gracefully. They define their years and not the other way around. So I hope you define yours gracefully and just get better – like fine wine – not that I know about it.


  11. Yeah its in our religion we have to put a big sloppy candle that is normally used for power outages during hurricanes on top of the chocolate cake. The little candles are sinful, especially the trick ones.


  12. Awww, that’s wonderful advice Saadia. It’s almost equivalent to the advice you gave me in highschool “just study and you’ll get good grades” so simple yet so profound it changed my life! I laughed till I had tears in my eyes about the candle comment. I thought it was comical but people seem to think its a Pakistani thing. lol


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