As Ramadan Approaches

This grave is the grave of Marali Saab. Everyone has someone who was the first. Marali Saab is the first known Muslim on my father’s side of the family. According to the family tree he converted in the late 1400’s. Six hundred years later his choice endures. As a side note, I believe we all have our own personal ways to believe and worship God and that God being GOD accepts and understands each person’s sincerity. This Ramadan I started thinking of Marali Saab. I don’t know much about him besides his name and where he lived. I wish I could learn why he chose to convert, if he faced animosity, or if he inspired others to do the same. It began in India and then continued in Pakistan and now has reached the other side of his world. If he only knew. I wonder what he’d think. I believe in Islam from my own will… but in part… thanks to him, and the choice he made over 600 years ago, insh’allah I will be celeberating Ramadan this week . Ramadan Mubarak.

26 thoughts on “As Ramadan Approaches”

  1. thats cute πŸ™‚ i wanted to trace my forefathers .. all i know is that they were from india and before that samarkand and before that persian and arabia :S .. i would have to do a lot of searching.. hahathe family trees are weird .. the first tiem i opened up mine i was like .. that guy was my great grandfather ! and my mother would say .. yes and you dont belong here .. LOL ..


  2. Ramadhan mubarik–lovely story! To have an ancestot choose & then for us to choose at adulthood with our own personal shahada again. Beautiful heritage & renewal!


  3. Ramadan Mubrak for you too Aisha ISA , hope that it will be full of blessings for all of us ISA.I Don’t know so many close people who actually converetd to Islam , I wish if I talked to them and I understand from them how they felt and what inspired them the most as I belive the converting choice isnt something easy. And as for :MArali Saab, I can say , that he could be taking the reward of the future generations in your feamily who emraced ISlam , and God knows the best.


  4. Aisha: Family history is interesting. I wonder what Marali Saab’s father was like or whom else you are descended from.600 years from now will my ancesters visit whereever my bones lie and wonder about their own history? Will they be Muslim? I am the first….so that makes me have a connection however faint to your great-great-great-uh….you get the idea….grandfather.My own family is traced back to England and before that Normandy, I’ve managed to trace it (geneology is a hobby) to the 13th century on my mom’s side. My father’s side I can only manage to get back to the American Revolution then it gets convoluted. But I think it is important so I’m still working on it.I salute Marali Saab. I wonder what his name was….since his first name comes from Mir (or Mar) and Ali which are Islamic? Do you have any idea?


  5. Ash :” 600 years from now will my ancesters visit whereever my bones lie and wonder about their own history? Will they be Muslim? ” yes i believe that those who will embrace Islam will remember you ISA and who knows …maybe they will keep in praying for you that you were the first and so you made it easier for the future genertations to embrace Islam . I wonder if Marali Saab by the time he converted he knew that one of his grand grand children will recall ..and be grateful after 600 years !


  6. Thanks all, Ramadan Mubarak to you all as well :-). Ash, knowing that you are the first in your family to convert makes Marali Saab a real person to me. Seeing you as the first in your family of unknown many to follow insh’allah in your footsteps (through their own rational volition ofcourse) makes the fact that he made this choice 600 years ago so awe-inspring. I can’t imagine how many lives he’s affected and could never have imagined such. I dont know much else about him except the basic facts. Abu jee, if you’re reading this, maybe you can fill us in! πŸ™‚


  7. A real real surprise Aisha Baitey. I cannot control flow of my tears. I think I better go to bathroom. I Parris walked in , it will be embarassing.


  8. That’s cool that you have that piece of your history. My family kept crappy records and I know only as much as great grandparents could remember or what I could dig up myself.I often wondered the same thing about people in my family generations ago. How cool would it be to sit down and talk to them? Find out what their hopes were, their struggles, etc.As for religion, this is something I’ve struggled with. As a Christian the “rules” of eternity are very strict and clear but something in me doesn’t want to accept it. Especially since the other half of my family is Jewish. What about them? Are they not good God fearing people? What about other people from other religions throughout this world? … Something I won’t ever understand I suppose.Happy Ramadan to you.


  9. Amazing history. I know very little about the Islamic faith but I can tell you are very proud of it. Your family has many years of conviction and I believe that Marali Saab would be very proud.Happy Ramadan!


  10. Wow, that’s an interesting way to see it and very cool that you know who the man is! I hope we do something with our lives that will also affect the future.


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