Tale of a Marked Lobster

I had an out. The Professor didn’t remember who he assigned the case to. Though tempted to stay silent as he looked expectantly around the classroom, guilt beat out cowardice so I timidly raised a finger indicating my whereabouts. He asked “Would you like to come to the front to discuss the case?” Pretending he was asking me a real question I said “Oh it’s okay… my notes are on the laptop.. “

No such luck.

As I passed by other students watching me walk to to the front of the auditorium, I felt like a lobster plucked from the tank to be fried. The other lobsters in the tank feeling sorry for the marked animal but thankful it’s not them… At the end of the longest class in the history of classes he smiled and thanked me for my help adding” See you back here on Wednesday”… Mom, my stomach hurts…I don’t want to go to school..*sigh*

17 thoughts on “Tale of a Marked Lobster”

  1. you surfed me from tee, i surfed you from your comment. now i’m hooked, and have bookmarked you to read daily. πŸ™‚ i thought about law school after i did my mba, but decided that i was tired of the learning process for the time being. good luck! i’ll keep reading to see how you do.


  2. A little pain and discomfort now and again builds character. Or at least that is what my father used to say…..and he is just as wrong now as he was then! πŸ™‚I’m glad it went well. As I stated it was uncomfortable and not much fun. But by participating you probably learned more and your professor certainly noticed you. Sometimes bad or unpleasant things reap the greatest rewards.


  3. wait *aisha goes back and re-reads the post* where it say I did well?? I did OK… must prepare more for Wednesday. I just console myself that it’s not for a grade an the people staring down at me… do I really care what they think? I mean even if they wont sit next to me at the lunch table… I’ll be okay:)


  4. Ruthie- thank you for your kind words! If you’re tired of the learning process law school will wear you out. I came in eager to learn and I’m already thinking “enough already!”, but never-the-less I do recommend it.. hopefully it opens many doors.


  5. lol wonderful! that post sent me down memory lane, but hey you didnt tell us if you made an arse of yourself or not? what you said? was it vaild.. or did you get it all wrong? hehehe :p


  6. I must be a dork. I used to love reading book reports and showing off my diaramas (that word cracks me up. ROFL.)… And I was, and still am a shy person! Weird.I love your last lines. I used to use that line when I forgot to do homework or study for a test.


  7. Tee, through all of elementary school I think had a “stomach ache”… I’m sure my parents got a good laugh when they read those lines.. I’m not one to have stage fright normally. I loooooved sharing my book reports and my views on a peice of poetry etc. law is different for me. They’re not listening for your “take” and then clapping as you finish and sit down. They’re listening for “their” take which isn’t in the book. I’m just not so confident in doing that… in time…. *sigh* πŸ™‚btw- i went again today, and i’ll be going away on Monday.. yipee skippy.


  8. You had to go to the FRONT of the class to discuss the case?!? Why not just let you stay in your seat!!? Next time I am called on, I’ll just be glad I’m at least sitting in my own seat. πŸ™‚


  9. Nadia- yes, the front of the class. I think he gets a kick out of freaking out young fresh 1L’s… the worst part is NO notes…. all fresh from your head.. *sigh* …. the worst thing is MY CASE IS NOT OVER!


  10. What’s he like as a professor? Is he the type w/ whom whatever you say, you’re wrong or is he a little more sympathetic? Considering he already has you in the front of the class speaking from memory, I’d hope he doesnt embarrass you!


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