Love you because…

Because when I have a 100 pages more to read.. and I’m so tired…I remember you “marking your territory” and you make me laugh instead of cry.

Because when class is excruciatingly endless, and I feel myself glazing over…. I remember walking you around the living room and each of the thirty times, you stretched you head to look wide-eyed in amazement at the sofa…lamp… sofa…lamp… it doesn’t cease to amaze you does it?

Because when I feel overwhelmed at all there is to do. second guess choices I’ve made… debate my purpose in life… ponder the meaning of it all… panic about the future… In between that… between studying, cleaning, or dashing to and from class, I remember you. Your peaceful sleep, your wide eyed wonder.

Little nephew, who knew someone so little, I could love so much?

25 thoughts on “Love you because…”

  1. I agree with Kashif. Kids are exhausting. Parenting is a non-stop job-no weekneds off or vacations or sick time. You will make unbelievable sacrifice for them. However it is worth everything. No job is harder, but nothing is more rewarding or more important.


  2. i know how you feel , i can;t stop talking about how much i love my nephews and my niece , they are indeed so innocent and I forgot these innocent reactions from a long time


  3. You’re lucky to be so close to your nephew. I never felt like that about a little baby until I had my own… He is very beautiful though – I can see how it’s hard to resist ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. I guess because he’s the first one and exactly because I dont have my own children yet due to how hectic life is right now- I place the affection to him. It’s kind of nice to know that I’ll God Willing get to see this little kid grow up and that I’ll have a special place in his life.


  5. MashaAllah he’s beautiful–and what you’ve written is a beautiful reflection of your love for him.I love being an aunt, spoil ’em, love ’em– & give ’em back at the end of the day!


  6. your nephew is beautiful. after reading this i feel normal after all, because i have a little nephew about whom i can go on and on for hours too! ๐Ÿ™‚and you know this nephew thing is really great: all the fun, very little of the trouble, but when i do take care of him (and it is tiring..they seem to think you have endless energy and knowledge.. a super aunt if you will), it isn’t that bad, because you love doing it!!


  7. It’s only going to get better, Aisha. Wait until he begins to recognize you-you’ll see the happiness in his eyes to see you. When he can crawl and scurries over to you right away…when he starts giving hugs spontaneously…being an aunt rocks. I spoil my niece and nephew rotten-then send them home to their folks.


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