I emailed my professor a question. He replied “we’ll get to this point in our next class, since you bring it up, prepare the case.” One year and counting hadn’t been called on to prepare a case… Have you seen the Socratic method employed? Think interrogation rooms, the kind seen in movies… and add an audience of 100 people…*shudder* When will I learn, don’t ask questions!

16 thoughts on “DOH!”

  1. Actually aisha, the professor is showing a great deal of confidence in you. And/or is testing your abilities….perhaps he sees something there that you don’t. I never see these sorts of things as bad…unpleasant maybe….but there are opportunities in these circumstances. It has happened to me many times….and after the initial shock and “ohmygod! what am I going to do?” I took it and ran with it.Go get ’em!


  2. LOL! Gotta love when teachers do that!I complained in my 12th grade honors English class that we never read any ethnic poetry except by African Americans…. the teacher said, “You’re right – could you read some to the class tomorrow?”LOL… I actually enjoyed the assignment though.


  3. Haha, you know just a few days ago, I was thinking about the first row in one of my large classes and how nobody in that row seems to have been called on yet. Great strategy!


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