Of Milk and Orange Juice

I was incredibly hungry but hadn’t done the groceries this week, what with law school and all, yet there sitting on the top shelf of the fridge they stood. Without a request or a comment, hubby went shopping. The joys of marriage… Kashif, I doubt I’ve ever loved you more deeply.

13 thoughts on “Of Milk and Orange Juice”

  1. I’ll admit (as a student/wife/mom myself) that nothing gives me greater joy than finding groceries where no groceries had previously been.Bless those men, bless each and every one of them.


  2. Note to self: Love is a paradox hard to understand. But to win the love of a woman, two imperative ingredients Milk + Orange Juice.P.S. Can you give me the type of milk and if it has been treated with rBst? The orange juice is pretty easy to find at the local WalMart.


  3. GSJ you crack me up! I guess what it boils down to is to win the love of a woman you need understanding, kindness and thoughtfulness… Milk and OJ fall into the latter category! Take notes 😉


  4. I guess this isn’t a big deal to me. I’ve been doing things like this for 11 years. I still buy flowers for my wife every couple of months. It is the little things you have to pay attention to.


  5. Yes, Kashif does it all the time too but when you have no idea that there is food and food is actually there.. that’s a great feeling! Kudos on flower buying… I should have added that to the essentials.


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