SO…. what do you do?

Someone I just met asked the inevitable question: “what do you do?” I was surprised that saying “law student” didn’t come naturally…. Inside of me it was more of “You’re a teacher! a second grade teacher for very cute little children!” I almost wanted to insist after the fact…”but I was a teacher “

Today was the first day of full-time law school. Wearing jeans and flip-flops to class instead of uncomfortable dress clothes is an unbeatable feeling. But there is a little bit in me missing my students a great deal. I wonder how third grade is treating them, I pray no one is teasing them… I pray God will create an invisible armor around them sheilding them from the temptations that lurk around every corner of their little worlds trying to take them off track… Tomorrow I’m starting my ACLU internship and I hope it will give me the meaning I need….

Someone once told me “even if you leave education you will still feel like a teacher because it becomes a part of you”…. Is this true just for teaching or is this true across the board for anyone who changes careers? Does your former career still represent a part of who you are. Or does it eventually shed itself from you like old skin?

10 thoughts on “SO…. what do you do?”

  1. Aisha I worked as a nanny for some time. I’ve had other jobs since, but still inside myself that is what I think of myself as. I’ll be going back to school myself in the near future, in the medical field but I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling like a nanny. Maybe it’s something about working with children…?


  2. Good luck. Even though I am not working at it, I obviously have a history teacher and possibly foreign service officer locked up inside me. So I believe that you will probably carry the teaching with you forever….and that is a precious gift to have.


  3. Thanks bbcd:) Some of my ex-coworkers break down after my students catch them before or after school and pester them into calling me so they can say hi:). It’s so cute! Insh’allah I’m in law school for a reason.


  4. good luck with law school! 🙂 very cool that you’re interning with the ACLU – i think it’s tremendously important that such organizations exist, especially with the way society seems to be going sometimes *rolls eyes*ps – btw, i was the one who commented on your boston pics a while ago. i don’t know why i didn’t post them with my blogger name at the time. i’m a huge flake. apologies for that.


  5. That’s true Dawn… That’s awesome about you thinking about getting a teaching certificate… it’s very rewarding.. tell me where else do you get homemade cards saying “you’re the best” and “I love you” and feel all warm and happy… instead of scared and getting restraining orders ;).


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