Welcome little nephew

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yusuf. As you can tell I am a baby, but don’t let that fool you. Some people talk to me like I was born just yesterday, but I wasn’t.. it was three days ago on August 16th. Today I arrived at my palace where I shall rule for a long time to come. My parents think that this is their house, but I’ve already begun throwing my weight around, all 7lb 10oz of it. Just ask them if anyone comes running when they cry?! Hahahah!

I may be shorter than them (at 20 inches long) but I have them in my control. I even got my dad typing emails for me, since I’m so busy with the pooping, eating, and sleeping. That and the fact that I can’t spell, or know that I have 2 hands and 10 fingers. And my mom, let me just tell you, I’ve already used my cuteness powers on her. My new friend Mr. Bear (as seen in the picture) used to be mom’s. Boom I got your teddy!

Anyways.. I am preparing a diaper for my grandmother to change… so I’m gonna head out (That’s the second time this week I’ve “headed out”! Get it?! I crack me up!)

Hugs and Kisses


*letter from Yusef as dictated to his dad*

15 thoughts on “Welcome little nephew”

  1. Welcome to the world Yusuf, finally you have arrived after a long anticipation. You are very blessed to have loving parents and a really cool mamoo. I am really looking forwart to meeting you.


  2. How sweet! Congrats on becoming an aunt. I am also an auntie, twice over and it is so cool. I can feed them cookies and treats, spoil them rotten then send them back to their parents! Enjoy!


  3. That was the sweetest post. All swaddled up–I love it. And, I completely believe every word. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks for coming by my site. I appreciate it. Take care.


  4. Thank you very much, and your blessings are much apprecitated. But just for the record my name is spelled YusUf. I should go because I haven’t slept in almost 10 minutes.-Hugs.. and oh what the heck Kisses too!Yusuf


  5. Masha’Allah, very cute. Congratulations to the parents, grandparents, and ofcourse to you and Kashif. Children are a blessing. May he be blessed with the love of God, with wisdom of choices in everything throughout his life and with Love surrounding him.I am a first grand daughter, and my son also is a first grand son to his grandmother and mine! The letter is incredibly beautiful. Beautiful post Aisha. May you and Kashif be blessed with a beautiful baby too in Good time 🙂


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