San Francisco… you had me at BART*

San Francisco…. So many words come to mind to describe the trip that they jumble up leaving me speechless…. Route 1 scenic drive ….Japanese Tea Garden… Carmel… Monterey… trolley cars … clam chowder…fresh fish… Red Wood trees…..Golden Gate Bridge…crooked street…. China Town… Sea Lions at the Fisherman’s Wharf…stumbling across Stanford and eating at the local thai restaurant…. my unexpected favorite, Telegraph Hill on the Berkley campus… and much more…

There’s a commercial on TV for Luizzianne Iced Tea where this old man on a rocking chair talks about how his whole life he drank Lipton and refused to try something different….and one day he accidentally drank Luizzianne… and said “Boy was it good… kinda makes you question your whole life” Berkley was my Luizzianne…. . A friend’s friend took us around and he seemed to know every interesting and fascinating person on Telegraph Hill. But the most amazing part of Berkley were its bookstores…. Alan and Joan thanks for recommending Moe’s bookstore because it was like finding water after years of thirst…… You won’t find these books at Barnes/Borders…. they’re eclectic, they’re interesting and they’re CHEAP…… It took a great deal of self retraint to keep from buying my weight in books…. What would life have been like if I went to school at Berkley? The only thing keeping me from moving here is the fact that rickety three bedroom shacks start at 2.15 million dollars!! (Yes- I checked! ๐Ÿ™‚ )… so yeah, maybe a little later ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow is Alcatraz which is supposed to be wonderful….. we’re leaving all too soon! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

*BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit

14 thoughts on “San Francisco… you had me at BART*”

  1. I love San Francisco. Of all the cities in the world I’ve been to, I feel the most at home there. There truly is no other city quite like it. Enjoy your visit.


  2. Glad you are enjoying it, I never, ever tire of Berkley. Or Mills College just down the road. You can stretch your mind in so many ways there, that other campuses just seem droll by comparison. Glad you liked Moe’s there is another smaller, hidden away bookstore in the same area (whose name escapes me now) where you can find truly revolutionary books. Between that and Zachery’s pizza I could live in a shack there!


  3. In my opinion the best spot in the city is my grandmother’s apartment, situated on Lombard near Coit Tower. From her patio one can see the bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the wharf, the famously curvy section of Lombard. Aside from the fabulous view, she is extremely cool for a lady in her mid-eighties (or for any age really) and the ambiance of her home is wonderful.


  4. Don’t forget to drive at “crucut street” (did I spell right? – who cares when you r in SF).Berkley is “ilm-kada” of west !!. Liberal and open to all horizons !Oh ya SF rocks !!


  5. Hey Ali, yes free wireless internet! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jane you’re so lucky that you have family in SF…. good excuse to visit it numerous times…. and Anonymous, we drove down Crooked Street and it really is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Alan- didn’t see Zachary’s pizza, hope it didn’t go out of business)


  6. Having family in SF doesn’t always mean you visit often though. I have lots of family in SF but since I live on the east coast I don’t get out there very often. Need to plan a trip!


  7. “eclectic” “books” “berkley” theres only one thing that spells…C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T…or at the very least HIPPIE! but i’m sure u would fit in well in that bastion of left-wingers


  8. Aisha, saw this post soo late, but I wasn’t reading your weblog back when you wrote this. =)

    I LOVE reading/hearing about the Bay Area through visitors. Your post made me smile so much. I absolutely love Berkeley, as well as San Francisco, and I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. Moe’s Books is indeed rocking, as is another hole-in-the-wall bookstore called (I think) Shakespeare Books (which might be the one Ash is referring to, above).

    When you stop by next time, be sure to let me know, so we can hang out together. =)


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