The world in which we live…

Stuck at the airport since 1981

Mehran (half British) fled Iran in 1981 to go to Britain but his paperwork got stolen at the airport. Paperless, England refused entry, but Iran refused his return. French laws allowed him to stay in the airport but not to leave. Ten years this man lived forcibly trapped in the airport until 1991 when Belgium allowed him entry… but by then it was too late. Unlike Tom Hank’s character in the Terminal, Nasserri has slowly gone from a psychologist to crossing the brink of insanity. 24 years at the airport now, luggage in tow, he knows nothing else. This is his life. Movies such as the Terminal have helped him survive financially but his condition is deteriorating every day. If you stop in Paris make sure to stop and see him. Recently he’s had a sharp drop in visitors and the staff at Charles De Gaulle say his morale is suffering. Rumi says so beautifully: Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open? I never thought I’d see his ancient stanza played out quite so literally. An article about Mehran Karimi Nasseri

Runaway Bride starts probation

Blushing bride went off for a run before her wedding and never came home. Since I live two miles from where the “abduction” occured, I was terrified. Ofcourse it turned out to be a big hoax and now due to book deals and TV movies about her life, she will live a nice cozy life. How about as much attention to the Brian Nichols’ caputurer? Now that is a true hero who deserves recognition and praise. A few months ago Brian Nichols murdered a federal Atlanta judge and a few other innocent people before running into a woman’s house and taking her hostage (incidentally he also ran to Duluth!). This young widow talked him down, listened to him until he was sobbing and telling her about his deep remorse. Ultimately he let her go letting her turn him in. Why is the runaway bride getting more press than this hero? (It took me five seconds to find an article on Runaway bride: non-hero versus Ashley Smith: hero which took me five minutes to find). Oh well- Jenifer’s probation began today with her mowing state lawn . Don’t feel bad if you laugh at her, she’s the one laughing to the bank. The article

Harry Potter hot on the list of readings for Gitmo inmates

There really isn’t much to say about the topic. But I found it very interesting. The article

Last but certainly not least….
Rest in Peace Peter Jennings

My heart caught in my throat when I read that Peter Jennings passed away. Aside from The Daily Show, it was Peter I turned to for television based news. ( I prefer taking my news without dramatic background music and anchors speaking in voices to get me to react in desired ways). His calm silent strength, his refusal to give into panic news reporting (as most news media outlets are these days) are what made him a rarity. He should be the ideal that all anchors and newspeople aspire to. article

21 thoughts on “The world in which we live…”

  1. I really like the style you use in your posts. I’m still unable to understand the entire thing about the guy being stuck at an airport. Even if you are a total psycho, you would at least wonder what’s out there? right? I absolutely love airports and airplanes, but I have an appreciation for life that I find as inescapable! Note to self: visit Charles De Gaul airport and force this guy to a cafe.


  2. The Harry Potter thing at Gitmo? Come on! That’s the media being just lame. The people at gitmo do not have hte right to be human beings – so the very least they can do is read a little. So Harry Potter has been provided since it has an anti-religious mystic twist to it. It’s yet another way to taunt the people who await their trail.Such a great country as America sinks further…


  3. “Even if you are a total psycho, you would at least wonder what’s out there?”Are you trying to say his life is somehow different from the majority?


  4. I grew up with Peter Jennings on the news so obviously seeing him pass on is sad. I didn’t always agree with his views on our Western society or his open support for Israel, but I believe he had a good heart.


  5. I remember watching the first day of Iraq war mostly on ABC, just because of Jennings. Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel are the only two big network news casters I really appreciate. As you said, they don’t have to use that fake, overtly serious voice other news anchors use to seem professional. We all know you’re not interested, so stop the act Katie couric. Boy she gets on my nerves.


  6. Ultimately a person imprisoned by a power far greater than themselves will fall back on the most basic of world views. David and Goliath, good versus evil, etc. So it doesn’t surprise me that detainees are readying Harry Potter which while filled with magic….at it’s most basic level is one small boy’s struggle with the forces of evil.


  7. I have been following the Nasseri story for years, since even before it became a major news story or they made a movie about it. I met him at the airport in Paris in 1989….he was sane then. I have heard he has deteriorated quite a bit since then. People wonder why so many old-timers commit suicide once released from prison, and the standard answer is they became “institutionalized”. This will be the first time a person became so institutionalized by an airport that he is afraid to leave it.And by the way, he is not alone. There are two separate Palestinian men trapped and living in airports in Asia.


  8. Wow- you met Nasserri? I wish I knew of him when I was in the De Gaulle airport a few years ago. I did’nt know that there are others suffering similar fates.. What a surreal nightmare it must be. I’ll never complain of delayed flights again. Regarding couric, I never had an opinion about her until I saw her interview Brad Pitt, and the way she needled him and feigned compassion for the children of Africa while she needled him about Angelina, Jen etc. just disgusted me….


  9. the story about Mehran bought me to tears. its so very sad, i really didnt think that the film ‘Terminal’ told his story well, it was too much of a romantic comedy.


  10. BBCD I completely agree about the Terminal, infact the sappiness of the movie really irritated me. In the special features of the DVD I thought they may have something on the inspiration behind the movie… (the poor man’s story deserves attention) but they did not… I guess they’d rather pretend it’s juar a fantasy.


  11. this is a really interesting blog.. abcd’s arent known to have any real brains or intelligence in the circles im moving in… and yes, those are vicious circlescheers


  12. I came here via a comment you made on my now-defunct blog, The Skinniest Bitch. We all have struggles. NOT beating yourself up is really the first step to getting beyond them.That being said, this is a great blog! I’ll be back ’round!




  14. I loved (and love) Peter Jennings. He had compassion when he delivered the news, and he was really suave and sophisticated. When I returned from Pakistan I realized he embodied what it means to be an American – the opportunity (if we took it) to know the world with intelligence.


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