13 thoughts on “Aisha, what was your first year of law school like?”

  1. First year of law school is usually a killer. So it’s understandable. In my undergrad, I had the feeling showed so eloquently in the comic! hehe


  2. hey, thanks so much for ur comment..and thats somewhat the way id like it to be.im so ok with the concept even though im getting alot of weird reactions.๐Ÿ˜›thanks, uve given me hope.


  3. wow, how’d you even find my blog? i thought only my law school buddies knew about it. hehehe!so moot court. well i think we’re in the same boat… i’m going to be a 2L so i havent done the moot court thing. i actually ended up making a journal–shocking in itself so i prolly wont do the moot court route b/c it’ll be too much. i used to teach too! i did teach for america in Detroit…i loved my kids…they were FABULOUS! and i write children’s books too!we should talk more


  4. Hi, I dont know if my comments on your site went through. I found your blog by linking to Aamir’s. I’m switching from part-time to full-time so for some strange reason that means I can’t compete for the law review.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so that leaves me with the alternative of moot court. ah well. What grade did you teach? I lived in Michigan too, Lansing… but we went to the mall near Detroit all the time:). I saw that you are interseted in public interest, are you by any chance one of the three interns from Emory that will be working with the ACLU?


  5. nope. i’ll be at the Southern Environmental Law Center this fall and taking classes. are you at Emory? or Georgia? or somewhere else?i’m totally a native detroiter [well grosse pointer]…heheyou’re like my twin or something.


  6. Hey Aisha… you’re part of a very very very big group of folks who felt first year angst. I didn’t bother with the law review write on because of lack of willpower. But I am trying out for moot-court, as I’m also a rising 2L (along with AllMixedUp). Where do you attend school?


  7. Zahir, I’m at GSU I was in the part-time program there while teaching full-time but I’m switching to full-time so I can get it over with sooner than later. I guess we’ll find out together what competing for moot court is like :). I hope its not as bad as RWA..


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